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Knights Inn Application – Apply Online At Knights Inn Today

Knights Inn Job Application Online

Knights Inn chain of hotels, operated by the parent company Wyndam Resorts, offers affordable and enjoyable accommodations at hotels across the company, backed by the loyalty rewards program of Wyndam and all its brands of hotels.  Guests enjoy online reservation services, discounts and deals, and the convenience of hundreds of locations around the country. Hotels offer free continental breakfasts and friendly customer service, as well as a Knights Inn driving guide to locations.  Join the service team with your Knights Inn online application for employment.

Knights Inn Jobs Available

Your Knights Inn application formonline can situate you with a job in housekeeping and laundry, front-desk service, reservation management, hotel management, maintenance and grounds keeping, food preparation and service at hotel restaurants, or room service.Corporate jobs are also available, assisting with marketing and advertising, information technology, accounting and finance, human resource, and other aspects of corporate management.  Creating a profile on the company’s career site will enable you to match your skills with available jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Knights Inn:

The Knights Inn job application online is open to applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

Knights Inn Store Hours

Knights Inn hotels are open around the clock, and throughout the calendar year, providing flexible scheduling opportunities for those who need to schedule around other obligations.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Knights Inn

  • Clicking the “Careers” link at the foot of the website will take you to the Career Center of its parent company, Wyndam, and all the information about benefits, application, and employee culture, as well as the ability to turn in a Knights Inn online application.
  • The “Job Search” button in the Wyndam career center allows you to search for open positions by several different parameters, using an advanced search, or looking for jobs that match your own profile, as well as the option of browsing the comprehensive list of available jobs.  In order to further your Knights Inn job application form, it is recommended that you create an applicant profile on the career site for Wyndam, which allows you to stay updated on available jobs that match your skill set.

Most Common Positions At Knights Inn & Income Information

Hourly jobs at Knights Inn hotels include customer service at call centers taking reservation information and handling computer databases, desk service at the individual hotels, room service and room cleaning staff, cooks at sites which include dining options, and maintenance workers.  On salaries are the management specialists for the different areas of hotel operation, for each hotel as a whole, and for regional groups of hotels. For any of these positions, you can forward your Knights Inn job application through the online career center.

Knights Inn Benefits

Benefits offered to Knights Inn employees through the parent company of Wyndham include medical, dental, and vision care plans, flexible spending accounts for healthcare costs and childcare costs, long-term disability, travel insurance for those employees who travel as part of the job, life and accident insurance, tax-sheltered retirement savings, educational assistance for employees seeking to further their educations, flexible scheduling (including flextime and telecommuting), domestic partner benefits, and even adoption reimbursement, as well as travel discounts for employees at Knights Inn hotels and its many sister companies.  Enjoy these benefits, and steady employment with a reputable employer, by submitting your Knights Inn application.

To visit Knights Inn’s website click here.

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