Red Roof Inn Application

Red Roof Inn Application – Apply Online At Red Roof Inn Today

Red Roof Inn Job Application Online

You can apply a Red Roof Inn via an email online or give them a call to ask questions where by they may post you an application form.  You can apply directly to the location you wish to work.  There is not really a form to fill out an online application, it is more a case of them posting or emailing you the application form.

Red Roof Inn Jobs Available

There are a few jobs available at Ramada Inn.  There is Area Manager and Vice President of Operations up for job application, General Managers, Assistant General Manager ,General Manager in Training, Floating Management.  They also do internships.  They have all the jobs you may expect from the hotel industry.  Customer service and housekeeping jobs are often available, and Red Roof Inn are prepared to train people who are willing to give it their all and work hard to achieve good customer service.

Minimum Employment Age At Red Roof Inn:

18 years old

Red Roof Inn Store Hours

The business is a 24hour business, so there are work times to suit all needs.  There is full time and part time work.  There are day work, evening jobs and night work all available.  You can have on-call work and variable hours in some of the jobs, as well as setting your own hours if you rise high enough in management.  They have evenings and weekend jobs as well as morning work.  They also have rotating shift work too.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Red Roof Inn

Check out the website and see if you really suit the work.  If you think you do, then make sure you highlight that you are what they are looking for in your job application form.  They want people who are enthusiastic and people who want to learn so that they can advance their career.  They want their workers to be passionate about customer service.

They don’t mind if you are just looking for a job, if you are not open to advancing your career then that is okay.  If this is the case though, then let them know how reliable you are, and how punctual and honest you are.  Point out to them that it is in your interest to do well in the job, because you are taking the job for a reason (whatever that reason is), when you do your job application online or via post/phone.  Let them know that you are not flaky and that you want to work.

You can look at their data base on their website and see if they do online application for employment for your sector, or if it involves posting the application to you.

Most Common Positions At Red Roof Inn & Income Information

The most common work is for housekeeping and customer service, of which they offer the industry standard wage.  They also have frequent management positions available and are willing to train up the right candidates to allow for more managerial autonomy.  They also do internships.

Red Roof Inn Benefits

Most of the benefits are opt in benefits and most of them you have to have a certain eligibility.  This includes working a certain amount of hours per month and/ or the kind of job you undertake.  They have a 401K Retirement plan, and offer basic life insurance.  The have Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.  They offer supplemental life insurance and AD&D insurance.  The offer medical coverage plans, dental coverage plans and disability plans.

You can claim paid vacation if you work for them for a year, and the amount of days you get will be discussed when you are interviewed for the job.  You also get one free nights stay at any red roof in for each vacation day earned, if you work there for over a year.

To visit Red Roof Inn’s website click here.

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