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Sheraton Application – Apply Online At Sheraton Today

Sheraton Job Application Online

There is not a standard Sheraton job application form because there are so many types of jobs in different locations.  You can apply through the website or you can call.  You can search for a job online or ask at the location.  They also employ college students, which is good.  Check out their website, search the jobs and fill out a Sheraton online application form for the job of your choice.

Sheraton Jobs Available

They have a great range including:


•Architecture and Design

•Catering/Convention Services

•Creative/Brand Design

•Development and Acquisition



•Food and Beverage/Culinary

•General Manager/Hotel Manager/Director of Operations

•Global Citizenship

•Guest Services/Front Office

•Housekeeping and Laundry

•Human Resources

•Information Technology

•Legal, Compliance

•Procurement/Strategic Sourcing

•Public Relations/Communications/Media

•Reservations/Call Center/Telemarketing

•Revenue Management

•Sales and Marketing

•Security and Loss Prevention

•Six Sigma

•Spa/Golf/Health Club/Recreation

These are all available choices on their website and when filling out your Sheraton application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Sheraton:

16 years old

Sheraton Store Hours

There are so many jobs available that you will be able to find work that will suit you.  They have full time and part time work, as well as day job work, evening job, night job work.  You can have on-call work and variable hours in some of the jobs.  They offer evenings and weekend jobs, of just weekend work.  They also have rotating shift work too.

Sheraton job application online allows you to find the hours and work suited to you and then apply for it on your own initiative.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sheraton

Don’t overlook the little things.  If you had great attendance at school or your last job then let them know.  If you are naturally energetic or even funny then let them know.

The Sheraton online application is a little slow, the website is a bit of a dragger.  Your best bet is to press refresh if it does not come up after a minute, but stick with it, as the website does work.  Failing that, try again later or drop them an email.

Your Sheraton job application does not have to stop with just one job.  If you think you would be good at lots of them, then apply for them all.  The worst the company can do is say no, and even if they do, then remake your CV to suit the job better and try again.  Every rejection is just one step closer to your job.

Show of your skills on your Sheraton application, a lot of the jobs involve different skills that you use every day.  You cannot know all the various things about one job, but the people in the company do, so you must make sure they know all your skills so that they can match them to the job.

Don’t overlook night shifts and rotating shifts because you think they will be difficult.  They may have less people apply so you may be better off.

Most Common Positions At Sheraton & Income Information

They have a lot of jobs thanks to their wide range of activities.  Your best bet is to enquire, however jobs like chef and sales and marketing can command very good wages.

Sheraton Benefits

You will enjoy a whole range of benefits at Sheraton, including sophisticated pay and benefits programs, along with perks and rewards and recognition.  They will also support your career advancement and training to help you rise higher.

To visit Sheraton’s website click here.

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