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Regal Cinemas Job Application Online

Regal Cinemas is under the Regal Entertainment Group banner, a company that operates in 42 states across The United States, reaching approximately 600 locations with each location having 13 screens on average making it the largest company of movie theaters in the US. Most of its movie theaters are conveniently located in the metropolitan vicinity and suburban areas. An extensive network of cinemas like this consisting of multiplex theaters for every location requires extensive job opportunities for employment as well. Founded in 1989, Regal Entertainment Group of Cinemas does not only cater to avid fans of Hollywood movies, but also features international and independent films as well. Much to the delight of movie lovers, they also hold private screenings, business events and even birthday parties in its various cinema locations. With its huge operations, their business revenue generates $2.5Billion each year. Being a part of this vast business empire will be an opportunity no one would dare miss. Get a head start by submitting a Regal Cinemas online application for employment.

 Regal Cinemas Jobs Available

You may submit a Regal Cinemas application form for any of the following positions: General Manager, Associate Manager, Bartender, Floor Staff, Projectionist, Usher and other entry-level or managerial level job opportunities which may vary depending on the cinema’s location. Floor staff completes sales transactions, handles customer inquiries and operates the cash register. Ushers, on the other hand, operate film equipment and ensure a smooth, uninterrupted movie experience. These comprise a variety of team members hired by Regal Cinemas to serve new and loyal moviegoers and enhance their cinematic experience.

Minimum Employment Age at Regal Cinemas

The Regal Cinemas job application online is available to applicants of 16 years old or older, however certain entry level positions such as concierge, kitchen staff, bartender, and concessionaire stand staff require applicants that are 18 and older and 21 and older for bartenders.

Regal Cinemas Store Hours

Typically opens daily at 11:00am-12:00am.

 Important Tips to Apply Online With Regal Cinemas

In submitting a Regal Cinemas online application, it would be ideal to include any relevant information or experience that would highlight your ability to make significant contributions to their business goals. Log in to their website to get hold of the Regal Cinemas job application form and be guided accordingly as you go through each step of the application process.

Most Common Positions at Regal Cinemas & Income Information

Most common positions at Regal Cinema are either floor staff or managerial positions. A Regal Cinemas job application brings you a step closer and nearer to the largest movie theater chain in the country. Their attractive remuneration packages and multiple job benefits make a career with Regal Cinemas definitely exciting and rewarding.

Regal Cinemas Benefits

Among the many career perks offered at Regal Cinemas include a comprehensive healthcare coverage, paid time off, retirement plans as well as complimentary movie passes on top of a competitive pay salary. A completely filled out Regal Cinemas application, professionally written resume, and an online application form on their website may just launch your career as a Regal Cinema associate. Regal Cinemas offers nothing less for their valued team players that guarantees an unforgettable experience for movie lovers all across the US.

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