Teachers are being portrayed as overpaid, inept people who only care about their keeping their jobs even if they are not doing a good job.  This is as far from the truth as anything imaginable and once you speak to teachers about why they chose this career, you will be convinced that there is no other profession in the world that offers as much too so many.   A teaching certification will allow you to teach anywhere and help those who want to learn become better educated.

Teacher Shortages – A National Problem

Even though some school systems are being forced to cut back on hiring teachers at the moment, there are other systems that are finding money to increase the number of teachers for their schools.  The teacher shortage continues to be a national issue and some districts are hiring teacher’s assistants who lack credentials to help fill the gap.  Working as an assistant teacher while you are in college is a great way to zero in on your preferred specialty.  Keep in mind, that without a teaching certificate, you will be cutting your opportunity for employment significantly.

Salary and Benefits for Certified Teachers

While there are rumors and complaints that teachers make less than any other profession, statistics prove that for most areas, this is not true.  The base salary for newly certified teachers with no experience other than interning is between $50,000 and $60,000 a year.  This is right on par with what corporations offer college graduates for entry-level, professional positions.

Other benefits that are enjoyed by those with teaching certification that those in corporate enterprises are not offered include extra days off during the school year, weekends off, daytime work hours and weeks in the summer off to use in other pursuits. Many teachers decide to teach in foreign countries either for paid positions or as volunteers as well as offering tutorial services teaching adults to improve their skills or prepare for GEDs.

Why Teachers Teach

There are many reasons to become a teacher.  But, when you boil them all down, it comes out to a simple matter of having a life with purpose.  Sharing knowledge and opening the minds of students of any age to ideas, events and experiments that have gone before while encouraging them to join in the fun of participating in making their community and society a better place is exciting.

True, there will be moments of frustration and aggravation and the occasional sense of failure. Yet, when you look back at the contributions that you made to the world, all the negatives disappear to be replaced by smiling faces and successful accomplishments.

The majority of teachers will tell you that you are not going to “get rich” being a teacher.  In most cases, this is true. But, teachers are a special breed who do not put income at the top of their “requirement” list when deciding on a career path.







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