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Job interviews can prove to be quite nerve-wracking for a person especially if he tries to take them without proper preparation. You are not going to stand any chance of passing an interview if you go their unprepared. Keep this in mind that the interviewer is not only going to judge you on the basis of the answers you give to his questions but will also take note of your demeanor, your appearance and how prepared you have come for giving the interview. The following are some of the most important and vital things that an interviewer is going to expect you to bring to an interview.

Copies of your CV

The copies of the resume or CV that you used for applying for the job should be among the first things that you should carry with yourself when going for an interview. The interviewers are going to need these copies to get a fresh look at your credentials when asking questions from you. Brining copies of your resume to the interview is going to show the interviewers that you are an organized person and have come well prepared for the interview.

Pen and a Notepad

Taking your own pen and notepad to the interview is a great way of showing the interviewers that you are willing to listen and take down notes. Most of the interviewers like those candidates who listen attentively during an interview and jot down the important points of the conversation taking place between them and the interviewee. Thus, it is essential that you take a pen and a notepad of your own when going to give an interview.

Breath Freshener Gums

Since the interviewer is going to analyze each and aspect of your appearance, he/she is most definitely going to consider your hygiene as well. In this regard, your breath is going to be the focal point of the interviewer’s attention. If you have bad breath, it will have a negative effect on the interviewer so, it is advisable to keep a few breath freshener gums in your pocket when going to give the interview so that you can freshen up your breath before the interview gets underway.



Having a set of questions with you when going for an interview is a great way of showing the interviewer that you are extremely interested in securing this job and have researched about the company before coming to take the interview. These questions, however, need to be very intelligently crafted and must not in any way offend the interviewer.


References can help you in convincing the interviewer about your skills and capabilities. References are generally your trusted people who can vouch for your credentials when being asked by your prospective employer. Taking a list of the contact details of your references to an interview can show the interviewer how confident you are about your chances of getting hired.

Taking all of these things to the interview is going to ensure that you build a positive image of yourself on the interviewer and end up getting the job you had given the interview for.

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