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Feeling nervous and anxious right before or during a job interview is a common problem that affects almost all of the job applicants. You might feel jittery and begin sweating excessively because of the stress that you are feeling thinking about facing the interviewing party. These symptoms can escalate if you have come unprepared for the interview. Thus, the first major strategy for combating this nervousness is to prepare well for the interview and practice answering the questions in front of a mirror so that you don’t get stumped when being asked a question by the hiring manager. The following are some other beneficial strategies that can help you in defeating the anxiety and cruising through your interview.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are considered by stress experts as a great means of quelling the nervousness and anxiety that attack a person right before a job interview. By engaging in these exercises you can calm your nerves and thus feel a lot relaxed. The breathing exercises can also help in regulating the blood flow in the body which will instantly put you at ease and your brain is going to start functioning in an improved manner.

Remaining Hydrated

Drinking water regularly and keeping yourself hydrated is another excellent way of ensuring that anxiety and nervousness do not get the better of you during an interview. Water has the unique quality of rejuvenating the body and will go a long way in calming your excited nerves. Thus, keeping a bottle of water with your before and during an interview is a good strategy to keep yourself anxiety-free.

Taking a Walk

Pacing up and down in the waiting room or area where you are sitting before an interview is also a great method of relieving stress. It is going to take your mind of the interview for a bit and would allow you to focus on something else. Moreover, the act of walking is going to induce movement in the body which will help in releasing some of the tension that would have built up because of sitting rigidly in a chair.

Start Writing

Writing is another exercise that is a proven stress-reliever. You will find a lot of comfort and an instant drop in anxiety by writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Try and write about your fears and why you are feeling anxious ahead of the interview. Writing all of this down is going to slowly take away the stress of these thoughts from your mind and you will start feeling a lot relaxed.

Make Use of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great means of relaxing the body and calming the nerves. They replace the negative energy building in our body with positive energy and thus help in eradicating the nervousness we are feeling. Try repeating a positive affirmation over and over again before an interview to train your subconscious mind that you are not nervous and are going to excel in the interview no matter what happens.

Making use of any of the above-mentioned strategies is sure to lessen the tension and anxiety that you are bound to feel during an interview.


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