Most companies list their job openings online, so it is definitely recommended that you look into online job boards instead of trying to stick with traditional methods that don’t have as many opportunities available. Unfortunately, for every opportunity that a company is trying to offer the public, there is someone who is taking advantage of these job boards to get money out of people or to convince unsuspecting applicants to do something illegal. Knowing the warning signs can help you avoid potential problems that could leave you without a new job and in more trouble than when you started.

Watching for Unsavory Jobs

In general, the less information that a company is willing to offer the public, the less likely that it is that this job that it is worth taking. If you cannot find the name of the company or clear contact information, it is recommended that you skip that job listing and move onto something else. Similarly, if you notice that a job listing refuses to give you a lot of detail about the job requirements or responsibilities, they are probably trying to avoid sharing because they know that applicants will not want to perform the tasks that will be required. A quality job listing will provide all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this job is right for you.

If at any time a job posting asks you to do something you are uncomfortable with or you are unsure about, it is important that you voice these concerns. In some cases this will simply be a misunderstanding that can be cleared up with some simple communication. However, if you are made uncomfortable by the information in a job listing, you will never be happy trying to work at this position later so you are probably better off applying for a different job.

Common Signs of Job Scams

Some listings on job boards are not actually for positions that are available. These are ploys that are trying to draw people in to take their personal information or steal money from unsuspecting people. A common ploy is to create an ad for a personal assistant or similar position and ask people to cash checks. These will then turn out to be faulty, which will leave you responsible for any of the repercussions if this plan goes awry.

Some job boards are not necessarily doing anything illegal, but they are not as helpful as they should be. There are some job boards that charge a fee simply to look at the listings or other charges for posting your resume or contacting companies. There are plenty of job boards that will put you in contact with top companies without charging you in the meantime. You should not feel obligated to pay extra to get hired. Stick with job boards that are well-known and monitored carefully. They spend more time reviewing job listings to ensure that you are given plenty of opportunities without having to worry about scams.

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