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In this highly competitive employment environment, everything any college student can do to be set apart from other applicants is a plus. If you have just started college or are entering your final year of study, now is the time to search out a student internship that compliments your major.

Becoming a Valuable Candidate for Employment

The ultimate purpose of internships is to have experience that can be added to your resume that makes you a higher qualified candidate for employment on graduation.  Employers, especially corporate employers, see that you are serious about a long-term career instead of a position that is little more than a stepping-stone to benefit their competition.

There are other, subtle benefits that employers enjoy by hiring applicants who have done student internships.  Social media has a huge impact on employers’ bottom line. Students should be cautious about their interactions on social media and always remember that employers make access this information.  Being able to post some “brag” notes about hiring an intern is another way that adds to the value of hiring you. With your real world experience, you are not likely to expect the “idealistic” methods provided in textbooks but difficult or impossible to use in business.

Student Benefits through Internships

Very often there are skill sets that you do not possess until you have experience working in the field of your choice, such as the proper way to address customers, the inside politics that exist in most work environments and what employers really expect regardless of the job description.

You will have a solid basis for where you set your limits and make your compromises in the work environment. If you use this time to observe carefully, you will be able to traverse the dangerous pitfalls of aligning with those who backstab, gossip and are too outspoken.

There are major industries that offer scholarships in lieu of internships for college students and guarantee you a job upon graduation.  This is an opportunity that should be explored regardless of the field that you are preparing to enter.

The Benefits of Internships While in College

For students studying sociology, psychology, history or marketing taking an internship that expands your knowledge, provides you with questions and actual real world experience where your studies can be applied – or not.

Educational internships are not with the university or teaching in a school if this is not your area of study.  It means that you are providing services as a volunteer that is designed to enhance your major or minor. Many colleges, universities and technical institutes will give students credit for an educational internship that meets the specifications set forth by the department.

But, there is another benefit that can save you tons of money and time.  By accepting a student internship that compliments your current major, you may discover that the real world experience is not what you expected – or liked – at all.  If you make this discovery no later than your second year, you can change your major without losing extra costs.




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