Job applications and interviews are important stages that a job seeker has to go through before finally landing a job. Passing these stages and making a positive impression on the employer is the only way an applicant can hope to be hired. There are a number of questions asked by the interviewing committee from an interviewee during the job application and the interview process that are extremely tricky and need to be answered with a lot of care. Among them the question about the applicant’s salary expectations is one that is of the most significance and may well decide whether the applicant gets the job or not. Thus, it needs to be tackled very carefully.

What should be Your First Response?

When the salary question is asked by the employer, it is best not to give a direct answer. Stating your salary expectations so early in the piece can harm your chances of being hired. The reason for this is that if the number you are quoting is much larger than what the employer is willing to offer you then it is most likely that you will not be shortlisted for the job.  Thus, it is best to evade the question at first by saying that you are interested in learning about the job first and money is an issue that can be negotiated afterwards.

What to say if the Interviewer Persists?

Most of the times, the interviewer is not going to be satisfied with your evasion of the question and is likely to ask the question again. If that is the case, then mentioning a range or telling him about the current salary you are earning and the rise you want in it would be a good way to respond. However, it should be remembered that you must not lie about your current salary as it would accomplish nothing other than harming your chances of landing the job.

Researching is Critical

One thing that is to be kept in mind when stating your expected salary is to limit it within the range that the employer is willing to offer for the post. You can get an idea about the salary range for the position you are applying for by visiting the website of the company or doing a check on the salary packages that they offer to the employees. This research is going to help you in determining the range that you should table in front of your prospective employer when being asked about your expected salary.

Negotiate the Salary Package Intelligently

The reason why the salary question holds critical importance in a job interview is because it helps the employer in screening out the candidates that want too much money for doing the job. Thus, if you are going to state a number higher than the offering capability of the employer, she is not going to hire you. So, when handling the salary question, try to negotiate with the employer by saying that you are willing to adjust with salary being offered by him if she adds compensation and allowances in the overall salary package.

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