Asking questions at the end of an interview is an excellent way of making yourself standout in the eyes of the interviewer. However, it is important to note that these questions should be drafted with dexterity and must focus on the work that you are going to be doing once you are hired. Making illogical and foolish queries of the interviewers just for the sake of asking questions is only going to tarnish your image in front of them and might cost you the chance of landing the job as well. The following are some of the questions that should be avoided at all costs when giving an interview.

How Soon Can I Expect a Promotion?

Asking about promotion during the initial interview is thought by some candidates as a means of showing their confidence. Sadly, this is not that case in reality. The hiring managers are going to view such bravado as overconfidence and would consider the candidate an arrogant and cocky individual. Thus, it is best to never ask this question during an interview. You can frame this question in a different manner though by asking the interviewer what would be required of you in order to get a promotion.

What is the Salary Package for this Post?

Salary is one of the biggest concerns of a job applicant and it is natural that he would like to ask about the salary package that he will be getting for the post he is giving an interview for. However, it is not advisable to ask the question about the salary package in the very first interview. At this initial stage, the interviewer is interested in knowing whether you are going to be able to perform the job duties or not and hearing the question about the salary package is sure to turn him off. Thus, it is best to save the question about the salary for a later interview once you have been offered the job.

When Will I Get a Raise?

Job applicants think that questions regarding promotions and pay raise are a good way of impressing the interviewers and showing them that they have a goal-oriented mentality and are driven to excel in their jobs. However, such questions don’t need to be asked during the initial interview as they would only paint your image in a negative way in front of the interviewers who at this stage will only want to know from you whether you are capable of performing the job or not.

Will My Social Networking Profile be Monitored?

Questions regarding the monitoring of the social networking profiles are also among the ones that should be avoided at all costs during an interview. In the current environment, almost all of the companies monitor the social networking profiles of their employees, so, asking such a question will be thought of as a silly one on the part of the applicant. Moreover, it is going to suggest to the interviewer that you have something on your profile that you do not want the hiring managers to see and are thus concerned about its monitoring by the company.

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