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When we think of interviewing for a job, we often think of a one on one interview where you and the interviewer sit down and have a Q & A session to determine if you are the right person for the job. While this is a common approach, it is far from the only approach. Many companies utilize a multi-step approach in the interviewing process

What is a multi-step interview process?

A multi-step interview may start with a group interview. This is essentially a meeting between multiple hiring managers and a pool of applicants. The representatives of the company will tell you a little about the company’s history and their philosophy. They will also probably address the companies staffing needs and tell you a bit about what they are looking for. They will also allow applicants to ask questions about the company. This may seem like an insignificant part of the process but it does serve a purpose. During this part of the interview, hiring managers will be paying close attention to you and the other applicants. They will be looking to see how you interact with each other. They will be looking to see if you are well dressed, if you are paying attention to their presentation and if you stay engaged by asking questions or taking notes.

The next step in the process is usually a brief interview with different department heads to determine which area of the company you would fit well with. This is not an in-depth interview. It is usually just a few questions and sometimes applicants will be asked to fill out a brief survey to make this determination. Applicants are then split up and grouped together by department. This may take place the same day or may take place on a separate day. At this point, some applicants will be eliminated from the interview process if there is not a department that seeks their services.

These smaller groups of applicants will most likely be given an overview of the specific department and may participate in further one on one interviews. At this time your resume will be reviewed and hiring managers may ask general questions regarding, availability and pay. If you are still in the running at his point you will be given a time to come back for an in-depth interview.

The multi-step interview process may seem redundant or even frustrating for applicants but companies use this technique to weed out people who are impatient or do not work well with others. The best thing you can do is to get involved, participate in group discussions, ask questions, and stick with it. Remember that every time you advance to the next step of the interview process, you are one step closer to landing the job!


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