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Not getting a job that you have applied for is a very hard thing to digest, especially if you had given it your best shot. However, instead of weeping over it, you should try to find out the reasons that were responsible for you being rejected by the employer. The knowledge of these reasons is going to help you in your next job application as you will not be making the same mistakes that led to your rejection. The following are some of the typical reasons that are given by employers for not considering the candidature of applicants for a job position.

Spelling Mistakes in the Resume

The most common reason for the rejection of a resume by most of the hiring managers is an error-filled resume. Most of the time, the candidates fail to realize that their resume or CV is a very important document that introduces them to the hiring manager. If this particular document is not composed properly and contains spelling errors then this would most definitely lead to the resume being thrown in to the dust bin without even considering your credentials. So, it is of utmost necessity that you compile your CV without making any spelling mistakes.

Inappropriate Dressing

Dressing is a very important aspect that is given special attention by the interviewers. If you are not attired in a formal dress and have come to give the interview wearing t-shirt and jeans then you are going to be considered uninterested in the job no matter how qualified and experienced you are. The interviewers are not going to hire you unless you make a good impression on them and wearing a suit to the interview that has been properly ironed is a good way of making a positive impression on the interviewing party.

Excessive Talking

 One of the biggest reasons why candidates are not shortlisted for a job even after they have given the right answers in the interview is because of their excessive talking. Most people get nervous when giving an interview and in a bid to hide it start talking excessively, which is bound to irk the interviewers. Thus, you should know when to talk and when to stop when giving an interview or you will not be hired for the job.


Bad Mouthing Previous Employers

Another of the reasons that become the basis of a person’s failure to be considered for a job post by the employers is his negative views about his current or former employers. You might think that by defaming your previous employer, you are making a good impression on your future boss, this however, is not the case. It is only going to paint you in a negative image and the interviewer will see you as nothing but a mudslinger.

Inappropriate Content on Social Media Profile

Employers nowadays screen the candidates every possible way they can and examining the applicant’s social media profile is among their favorite hobbies. If they find any inappropriate content there, it is going to result in an immediate disqualification even if the applicant had been shortlisted for the job. So, try to keep your social profile as clean as possible and refrain from sharing vulgar posts and pictures as they might offend your prospective boss and ruin your chances of landing the job.

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