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Traditional career advice boards will tell people that they should make an effort to follow-up with a company after sending in an application. However, if you have sent in an application online it can be difficult to follow-up with a company without inadvertently sending in another application. So, should you still make the effort to make the follow-up or is this advice a bit outdated for those that are using modern methods of applying for jobs?

Whenever possible it is helpful to find out exactly where an online application is coming from to get a feel for how you should tailor your materials. Companies prefer to select applicants that are familiar with their company because it indicates that they will need less training and fit in well with the existing team. This also helps you ensure that the job you are applying for is everything it appears to be. Companies that make an effort to hide their identity online are often doing so for unsavory reasons.

As you make an effort to learn about the company and their needs, you should make an effort to determine who will be reviewing your application. Addressing a cover letter to a specific member of the team will be an impressive touch which will get you a great deal of positive attention.

Creating Your Follow-Up Efforts

If you know who will be reviewing your application materials you can use this to craft your follow-up efforts. Most online job applications will state how long they will be open. In this case, companies will not usually start to review applications until this period is closed. Do not make a point of following up with the company before the application period is closed unless there is some reason to believe there is a problem with your application, as some may find this rude.

If you have contact information for someone within the company and you are concerned that your application is not being submitted correctly, make an effort to call and get the answers you need as soon as possible. You can also send an email, though there is no guarantee that this will be answered in a timely manner. Check to see if the company has a preferred method of contact that you can use to get in touch. Once you speak to someone about your application make an effort to send a thank-you note and inform them that your application has been submitted properly. Not only will this show good manners, it will cement your name and application in their memory when they start to review their options.

If you have been using an online application that lacks contact information it can be difficult to determine a proper address to send a follow-up. Look through the company’s official webpage to see their preferred method of contact. If they do not have a specific area that you can contact about employment opportunities you may need to avoid sending a message about your application, as it will not reach the appropriate office to be effective.

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