It is fair to say that landing a job in the current financial climate is not very easy, as there is a scarcity of employment opportunities in nearly all of the industries. This is why there is a great competition for every job post and job seekers have to pass through a number of stages before they are finally awarded the job they have applied for. The interviewers want to examine and screen the candidates as carefully as possible to ascertain which among them is most suitably for the job position. However, this does not mean that they are free to ask anything. The following are some of the questions that a prospective employer cannot directly ask from a job applicant and you are free to abstain from answering them.


Asking a job seeker about his age is not allowed for an interviewer. The reason for this is to protect the applicants who are above the age of 40. Moreover, for most of the jobs, age is not a significant factor and thus, asking about it in a direct way is deemed illegal for the employer. This question however, can be asked in a different manner. For instance, framing the question in this way, “Are you above 18 years of age?” is not incorrect and the employer will be well within her rights if he asks your age in this manner.


The physical appearance of the job applicant is another subject that is not to be investigated by an employer during an interview. The American with Disabilities Act
(ADA) is the main reason for the prohibition of this question as it protects the rights of the people with physical deformities and disabilities. Thus, if you are asked a question concerning your physical traits for instance, your weight or height, then you are being asked an illegal question and you are not obliged to answer it.


Nationality is another question that is considered an illegal one in job interviews. The interviewer is not allowed to ask the job seeker about his country of origin. Denying a person a job simply because he was born in a different country is a violation of the Civil Right Act and thus, the employer cannot question you about your nationality. He is however, given permission to ascertain whether you are authorized to work in the country or not.


Any question that is aimed at inquiring about the applicant’s connections to a group or social club is deemed improper in an interview or a job application. The employers do not require this information to judge a person’s candidacy for a job and thus they should refrain from asking this question. Any such query can be rebuffed by the applicant or he can simply state that his affiliations with any group or club is not going to affect his ability to perform his duties.

Thus, when giving an interview, keep in mind that the above-mentioned questions are illegal for an employer to ask and your chances of securing the job are not going to be harmed if you choose not to answer them.

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