In 1939, Joe Albertson opened a grocery store in Boise, Idaho.  He called his store the finest and largest food store in the state.   Because Mr. Albertson was so very innovative he was one of the first to have magazine racks in his store.  He offered his customers roasted nuts, buttered popcorn, as well as homemade ice cream cones.  He also gave customers treats from his bakery made from scratch.   From the very start, Mr. Albertson’s thoughts were to give his customers the products they wanted at a price they could afford together with lots of loving care.

Albertsons Interview Tips

If you should be able to score an interview for an entry level position at Albertsons, here are some interview tips that are important to follow.

Tip # 1.Be on time for the interview.

Tip # 2.Know about the history of Albertsons.

Tip # 3.Males should be clean shaving.

Tip # 4.Both males and females should have hair nicely groomed.

Tip # 5.Display enthusiasm and general interest about Albertsons.

Tip #6.Dressed suitably.

Tip #7. Smile and act as if you really like it in the store.

These tips might seem silly but they are extremely important.  First impressions are lasting impressions and many people who go for interviews don’t seem to know or care.  If you really want and need this job, these tips are extremely important.

Albertsons Interview Questions

These are some interview questions that the interviewer will ask.  Be sure that you have an intelligent answer for each. Questions:

  • What hours can you work?
  • When can you start?
  • What did you like and dislike about your last job?
  • Give me your definition of customer service.
  • Why do you want to work for Albertsons?
  • What do you know about Albertsons Grocery Stores?
  • Are you willing to take a drug test?
  • Can we do a criminal background test?
  • Are these numbers for your references correct and may we call them?
  • Do you have any experience working in grocery stores?

Albertsons Interview Process

Albertsons’ job interview process will vary dependent on location, position and the number of applicants.  Candidates might go through a one-on-one interview, panel interview or group interview depending on how many candidates that have as well as how many positions are open so be prepared for anything.  Albertsons’ hiring managers might also ask candidates to submit to a drug screening, background check and also listen to a store presentation.  Be sure to display enthusiasm and general interest during the interview process.  Some of the questions that have been already listed will certainly be asked so have good answers.

Albertsons Interview Attire

If you aren’t prepared with Albertsons what to wear to your interview, you could make a bad first impression.

What to Wear: Both males and females should dress in office casual interview attire, meaning dress slacks and a nice top for females and shirt and tie for males.

What to Bring to the Interview: You should bring a nice copy of your resume to the interview even if you have already left one earlier.  Also have a notepad and a pen or pencil to take notes.

Albertsons Positions

Albertsons’ has many departments with different positions.  You can work in the deli, bakery, meat market, florist shop, and pharmacy as well as customer service department.  Then of course there are the cashier positions as well as take out.  Most of these jobs demand being on your feet all the time so make sure this is what you want to do.


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