Anytime Fitness is a unique franchise that is an affordable and convenient product for both members as well as franchise owners and is only one of the many reasons that each franchise seems to prosper.

These gyms were founded in 2002 and have maintained a growth rate that is quite robust.  It billed itself as the world’s fastest growing and largest co-ed, 24 hour franchise and they continue to break all records as well as receive accolades of the industry.

Anytime Fitness Interview Tips

For an interview with Anytime Fitness, here are some interview tips to help get an interview and help you to be informative about the fitness center when you go for the interview.

Tip 1- Look over the website and get a feel for this fitness center.

Tip 2- Find some statistics about the gym – how many there are, mission statement, etc.

Tip 3- What brand of equipment do they use in their gyms?

Tip 4- Don’t get stressed before the interview.

Tip 5-To get an interview, get your resume to the General Manager or Fitness Director.

These tips are important so be sure you go over them and do the research that might be necessary.  If you are a fitness trainer, make sure that you have passed some type of certification process to show the fitness center that you are the real deal.

Anytime Fitness Interview Questions

The following are important interview questions, so don’t just ignore them.

  • Why do you want to work for Anytime Fitness?
  • What is your best characteristic?
  • What is your worse characteristic and what have you done to work on this?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What is your definition of good customer service?

You need to work on your answers so that you don’t stumble on your words during the interview, so at least have answers prepared in your head.

Anytime Fitness Interview Process

At or usually near the end of the interview process, the person interviewing you will probably ask if you have any questions for them.  Usually individuals will say no but actually this is a really huge mistake as this is your moment to really look good.  By asking questions you show the person who is interviewing your that you actually have thought about this fitness center and are really interested in what they do here.

Three good ones can be the company’s philosophy of personal training, how many members do they have at this location and what is the average age of a member.

Anytime Fitness Interview Attire

Deciding what to wear before the day of the interview will help you to be more prepared.

What to Wear – Wearing business casual will be fine for a fitness center interview.  Dress slacks and a nice top will never let you down.  Have your hair looking its best.

What to Bring to the Interview– Bring a clean copy of your resume and copies of any health certification as well as fitness trainer certificates.

Anytime Fitness Positions

Most of the jobs open at a fitness center are going to be for fitness trainers and they probably won’t advertise these positions.  There are also counter service positions where a member signs in.  These individuals handle the telephones and any customer service questions.   Remember that these fitness centers are open 24 hours.

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