Autozone has an interesting beginning. J.R. (Pitt) Hyde’s family was in the wholesale marketing business for years. Beginning withwholesale then JR expanded the business to include retail stores. He recognized the need for customer service and quality products for a fair price in the automotive industry. In 1979 he opened autoshack (which is now autozone) and it is the leading auto parts supplier in the United States. They are a fortune 500 company and the annual sales top 8 billion. Their philosophy has not changed. Provide the customer with knowledge based service, a great product at a fair price and yes “customer satisfaction” is number one.

Autozone Tips

Before you go in for your interview-decide what position you would really like. If you have no experience with autoparts but are a pro at customer service that may be all you need.  Below are a few tips that may help you cinch the job.

Tip #1  Have your work history and references prepared ahead of time. Make sure the information is accurate. Never complain about your past jobs. 

Tip #2 Don’t be late, no excuses. In fact if you can get there early it would be even better.

Tip #3  Grooming must be above average, shiny clean, no cologne but plenty of deodorant. Nails clean and short and face cleanly shaven.

Tip #4 dress appropriately for the job. Don’t go into to an autoparts business in a tuxedo.

Tip #5 Know the history and the motto of autozone, customers service is first and foremost.

Tip # 6 If you get a tour make comments about the things you like the most. The way things are organized, etc.

Tip # 7. Let your interests in learning the business show. Ask questions about growing with the company.

Autozone Interview Questions

The questions will help the interviewer gather general information about you and your work history and attitude.

How long did you work at your last job and why did you leave?

Is the information on your application accurate?

Are you aware that we require drug tests for all employees?

Do you have any problem with us doing a criminal background check?

What experience do you have in the automotive industry?

Why do you want to work for Autozone?

Do you know how autozone got started?

What days and hours are you available to work?

Do you have any physical limitations?

When are you available to start?

What position would you be interested in?

The Interview Process

Autozones interviews are dependent on the number of applications received and the store location. The number of positions available will vary per location as well. Autozone strives to make the process as streamline as possible and to properly match the needs of the store with the applicants attributes.

Proper Attire

While our customer may come in with greasy clothes and fingers we strive to maintain a clean, well groomed appearance at all times. Candidates that arrive for an interview unkempt may find it a disadvantage.

Bring an additional copy of your resume even if you have supplied one previously.

Position Available at Autozone

Different positions may require heavy lifting or standing for long hours. If you have any physical limitations please let AutoZone know immediately.

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