Henry Badcock opened the first store in 1904 in a small town in Florida. Due to the quality of products and the customer service the company withstood the depression and has continued to grow throughout the years. There are now over 300 stores, some corporate but the majority are dealer owned. It is a customer focused and professional but casual in their approach.

Interview Tips

The following tips will provide you the knowledge needed to prepare for a successful interview.

Tip 1   Grooming is one of the most important tips. Men should be clean shaven. Hair and nails must be immaculate, invest in a manicure. Brush and whiten your teeth.

Tip 2 Appearance sets the first impression in stone. Attire must be clean and pressed with shoes shined. A casual dress shirt and tie for the men is appropriate for the business.

Tip 3 Attitude is almost everything. Be calm but interested in the products and the store layout. Show some enthusiasm.

Tip 4 Timeliness- If you are late for the interview the concern is what your time and attendance would be if you are hired.

Tip 5 Don’t lie or stretch the truth on your application. Honesty is the best policy.

Tip 6 Posture gives insight into your level of self-confidence so, remember what your mother told you- don’t slump. .

Tip 7 Know the company focus and the product base.

Tip 8 Prepare the answers for the following questions.

Interview Questions

Individually owned stores may have different or additional questions.

How did you hear about the job opportunity at Badcocks furniture?

What does the term “customer focused” mean to you?

Why do you want to work for Badcock’s?

How long were you at your last job and why did you leave?

What are your long term goals?

Do you have any objections to taking a drug test or having a criminal background check done?

Are you aware references are called for verification, is that a problem?

What is your earliest start date?

What days and hours are you able to work?

Do you object to overtime?

Badcock’s Interview Process

The majority of stores are owner operator therefore the process for interviews may vary to a small degree. The interview should take place at the location you plan to work at, as available positions are store specific. Interviews are done once the application has been examined for potential. Bring an additional copy of your resume and be prepared to take notes. Feel free to ask pertinent questions of your own. The interview process goes both ways.

Interview Attire

Badcock’s self-description is business casual. So gentlemen should wear a clean dress shirt and tie and casual dress shoes. Not tennis shoes or flip flops. Ladies the same approach applies don’t show up for the interview in jeans and a t-shirt. Dress professional but comfortable.

Badcock Positions

There are several different jobs to be done at Badcock’s stores so know what position you are aiming for. Take time to look at their online information to obtain openings. If you are mentally or physically handicapped or have limitations such as lifting or standing, include this information on your application and consider the work load. Decide what interests you. Do you want to be a sales representative or warehouse worker?

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