In 1990 the first store was in a Massachusetts mall and the world of scents and beauty were opened to the public. The objective was to make spa-like products readily available for consumers without breaking the bank. The level of luxury has increased year after year offering the latest in fragrances. Their goal is to make personal bath products available to the public and wrap them up in a pretty ambience.

Interview Tips

Bath and Body works have high standards to meet. A specific image is preferred- the following tips will help you prepare for the up and coming interview.

Tip 1. appearance is crucial. You don’t have to be beautiful, just clean and healthy looking. Be groomed to perfection.

Tip 2. Smile whenever it is appropriate and be cordial

Tip 3. Do not be late, that leaves a bad first impression

Tip 4. Have a mental list of your experience in the field or related field-such as spas.

Tip 5. Let them know you want to grow with the company

Tip 6. Know the latest scents and the products available through the company and compliment their 100 percent return policy.

Tip 7. Make positive comments on how wonderful the store smells.

Tip 8. Posture is a huge part of your self-presentation. Do not slump.

Interview Questions

The following questions give you a peek into the type of employee Bath and Body works is looking for.

Why do you want to work at Bath and Body works?

How often have you purchased products from this store?

Do you have any physical or mental disabilities or limitations?

Where did you work before and why did you leave?

What are your long term goals?

When days are you available to work, when is your start date?

Do you have children?

Are there any problems with babysitting?

Are you aware we do drug testing and a criminal background check?

Do you have credible references that can be contacted?

What is your understanding of Bath and Body Works concept?

What does the term customer service mean to you?

If you have an unhappy loud customer what would you do?

The Interview Process at Bath and Body Works

The process varies by location and the number of applicants. The manager will normally interview the individuals and gather a bit more information and make a decision. It is also an opportunity to assess your communication skills, determine how well you will relate to their clientele and how well you will fit into the image the company wants to project.

Attire for the interview

Dress to impress. Wear comfortable but casual clothes that fit you well. Pay special attention to your shoes. Men should dress casually but not in jeans.

Have two forms of identification and a copy of your references in case they ask for them again. Be prepared to take notes.

Bath and Body Works Positions

There are many positions to be filled at Bath and Body Works. Many people believe it is primarily a job for women but men are welcome and have been found to be a great asset. There is a fair amount of heavy lifting in some positons.  There are very few positions that do not require long hours of standing and talking with customers.

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