Bed Bath and Beyond is a store with exceptional growth which is not only great for consumers but for employees. Their mission statement is to be the “customer’s first choice” and has five clearly defined methods to achieve that goal. They have been named the “top performing retailer in the country.”

Interview Tips

This company is looking for employees with pre-set goals of success. They want energetic and professional people looking to climb the ladder within the company itself.

Tip 1. Attitude is not what you say but how you act. Your walk should show your enthusiasm for the position.

Tip 2. Hold your head up and your shoulders back to project confidence.

Tip 3. Be a few minutes early for your appointment and take a look around the store.

Tip 4. Be well groomed. Nails, hair and makeup should be immaculate and men should be clean shaven. Oral care included:  bad breath would be a killer in public service.

Tip 5. Dress for the job you are applying for such as sales associate or management.

Tip 6. A corporate position may not be your starting point but if it’s your eventual goal present yourself as a leader.

Tip 7. Ask appropriate questions such as. Do they promote from within?

Tip 8. Let the interviewer know you are not afraid of hard work.

Tip 9. Read through the questions below and have the answers prepared.

Tip 10. Never lie and never criticize your previous employers even if the interviewer does.

Interview Questions

How did you hear about Bed Bath and Beyond?

What made you choose this store to work at?

Why did you leave your last position?

What experience do you have in retail sales or public service fields?

What salary do you expect?

Are you aware we do criminal background checks, drug testing and require proof of your legal ability to work in this country?

Do you have verifiable references?

If you witnessed a child break something in the store how would you approach the problem?

When is your first available start date and what days can you work?

What are your long term goals? Are you attending college or do you have plans to in the near future?

The Interview Process

Once you are called for an interview you should consider you have a serious opportunity here. The interviewer will be assessing your ability to communicate and your attitude. Your enthusiasm to grow within the company will be a huge factor. They may conduct several interviews before the final decision is made and they will notify you then. Ask if they will notify you either way and if not, how long they expect the decision processing will take.

Interview Attire

Dress the part, cleanliness is most important. You don’t have to be beautiful or dress in expensive attire- you just have to look well put together.

Bring a copy of your resume and at least two forms of identification in case they ask for them.

Be prepared to take notes.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Customer service CONNOISSEURS is what they are looking for. That includes all career levels and there are many. Cashier positions, stock positions, corporate or multiple levels of management positions are available. Check out the online availability by location.

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