Big Lots is well known for their all-encompassing discount retail merchandise. They have grown into a Fortune 500 company with values such as “exceed customer’s expectations” and “a surprise in every aisle. The career opportunities are amazing. They even offer paid internships.

Interview Tips for Big Lots

Tip 1. Be prompt for your appointment.

Tip 2. Grooming is of upmost importance. Hair, nails, teeth should all shine.

Tip 3. Research the business prior to the interview and know what areas you would do best in.

Tip 4. Be ready to answer the questions -like the ones that follow- with an example of a previous experience.

Tip 5. If you have experience in a particular area such as electronics ask if there is an opening in that department. If not, ask if it’s possible to transfer there when one becomes available.

Tip 6. Know what the average starting salary or pay rate is and decide if that is acceptable for your needs.

Be enthusiastic with a calm demeanor, don’t allow yourself to chatter on about nothing.

Interview Questions

How did you hear about Big Lots?

Why would you like to work here?

What can you offer to the company?

What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?

Have you ever experienced a confrontational customer and if so how did you handle it.

What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing from the company?

Are you aware this are a drug free workplace and conduct drug tests as well as a criminal background check?

Can your references be called for verification?

How likely are you to offer ideas or suggestions to your team?

Big Lots Interview Process

The interview process is quite thorough but if you are called for an interview you are being considered for a job. This is the time when the interviewer assesses your ability to communicate and your personality traits. Honesty is significant in the workplace, so don’t lie about anything. Even if you are interviewing for a cashier position- present yourself as an executive waiting for a chance to shine. Maintain good posture and introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a cordial attitude.

The Proper Attire

Do yourself a favor, dress for the highest position you may be interested in. Don’t show up in a pair of jeans and flip flops. Men should be clean shaven and dressed in a shirt and tie. Have on dark trousers and casual shoes, but not your tennis shoes. Ladies, look clean and dress in a business suit or professional looking outfit.

Bring two forms of identification as it is required by law. You should also bring a copy of your resume and something to take notes with.

Big Lots Positions

This is one of the few companies that offer paid internships for numerous departments. They offer careers and educational opportunities that are simply not available in other companies. From general office and marketing to legal and information technology they prospects are quite promising and should not be overlooked.

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