Bob Evans is restaurant chain and food processing company based out of Columbus, Ohio.  It is named after its founder who began with a simple truck stop diner near his farm back in 1953.  There are now almost 570 locations in 23 states across the US.  The restaurant is best known for its high quality sausage and country cooking.  Working at Bob Evans implies good customer service and knowledge of food and cooking.

Bob Evans Interview Tips

Job interviews are never easy.  However, it is important to remain calm and keep the interview as professional as possible, but never forced.  There are several interview tips that you can use to help put the interviewer at peace with hiring you.

Tip # 1.  Be yourself; don’t try to come off as some kind of super worker, because the interviewer will catch on fast and label you as dishonest.

Tip # 2.  Dress appropriately; don’t come in with a t-shirt and jeans.  Wear something that will impress and show your professional side.

Tip # 3.  Follow up; after your interview is over, show your interviewer that you really want the job by giving them a call the next day thanking them and reiterating your desire for the position.

These tips are a great way to give the interview a comfortable atmosphere while maintaining a professional appearance and showing that you are committed.

Bob Evans Interview Questions

The questions that a company asks you depends on the type of job you are trying to fill.  However, leaving aside specialized questions, there are a few core questions that most interviewers will ask.  Most interview questions concern on-the-job situations and your history.

  • What kind of tasks did you perform at your previous job?
  • Did you ever cause a big mistake at your last job and how did you deal with it?
  • Is it possible for you to work nights and weekends?
  • How well do you deal with difficult customers?
  • If the restaurant was full and you were under-staffed, how would you deal with the manager if he yelled at you in front of everyone?

Bob Evans Interview Process

The interview process at Bob Evans can be in one or multiple stages.  After you hand in your application, you will most likely be called back within a few days.  Most interviews are one-on-one, but if several applicants come in at the same time they will set up group interviews to find out who is most suited for the job.

Most interviews are done by an assistant manager and consist of questions about yourself and if you like their food.  If your interview has been split, then the second will deal more with customer relations.  Both interviews usually take no more than 15~20 minutes.

Bob Evans Interview Attire

Choosing what to wear to an interview can be very important.  You want something that is comfortable, but professional-looking.

What to Wear

Dress pants or a long skirt, a button down shirt and clean shoes are appropriate as interview attire.

What to Bring to the Interview

Bring an extra copy of your CV, a smile and a positive attitude.

Bob Evans Positions

There are several available positions at Bob Evans, for example: cook, cashier, assistant manager, dish tank operator, host or hostess, kitchen prep and restaurant manager.  These are only a few possibilities, so find a local branch and inquire which positions they have open for you.

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