Books-A-Million, Inc.has grown from a humble street corner newsstand,in Florence, Alabama to the modern day chain of over 250 bookstores in 31 states, including Washington DC. With corporate headquarters based in Birmingham, Alabama, they are the second largest chain of bookshops in the country.It is the leading retail chain in the South East, and has a significant presence in the Midwest, Northeast, and nationally, through its e-commerce division, addition, they are the third largest booksellers, with annual sales of $468.5 million, for the financial year ending January 2012.

Books-A-Million Interview Tips

Below are some interview tips to help you prepare for your interview.

Tip # 1.Visit a few Books-A-Million bookstores beforehand, in order to familiarize yourself with the bookstore setup,and the kind of books and other products that they have on offer.

Tip # 2.Visit their corporate website and familiarize yourself with the company profile.

Tip # 3.Visit the retail website to learn about the products on offers. In particular, note the product categories that are sold online, but not in the bookstores.

Tip # 4.Research on any latest trends or news about the company and its operations

Tip # 5.Be punctual for your interview.

Your knowledge, presentation, and confidence will create a lasting impression and prove that you have a genuine interest to work for Books-A-Million.

Books-A-Million Interview Questions

During the Books-A-Million interview, you may encounter a wide variety of questions. Some of the interview questions might be hypothetical, whereas others may specifically seek to determine your suitability, availability, job history, and skills set.

  • Give a brief history of the company
  • How many bookstores do we have nationally?
  • Who are our main competitors?
  • How would you go about recommending a book to a customer?
  • What would be your next step of action if you fail to find a book that a customer is searching for?
  • How many different genres and authors are you familiar with?

Books-A-Million Interview Process

The Books-A-Million job application is done strictly through their online portal. Any adult 18 years and over is eligible to apply. It is advisable to search for the open positions that meet your criteria before applying.

The interview process is dependent on various factors such as the location and the job opening in question. Therefore, you will receive a callback requesting for your participation in a phone, one-on-one, panel, or group interview.

Books-A-Million Interview Attire

You must keep in mind that appearance matter a lot during interviews. Therefore, you should be mindful of what to wear when going for an interview. It is recommended that you dress official for all your job interviews.

What to Wear

For men, a conservative solid-color suit, long-sleeve shirt and matching tie is among the recommended interview attire. For women, a conservative solid-color suit, matching blouse, formal hairstyle, formal shoes, and limited jewelry are recommended.

What to Bring to the Interview

You must carry your portfolio, copies of resume, pens, and pad.

Books-A-Million Positions

The Books-A-Million chain is always on the lookout for talented, hardworking, and motivated employees to fill in various positions. Currently available positions include Managers in Training, Media Manager – 2nd & Charles, MIT – General Manager in Training, Staff Subsidiary Accountant, Used Bookstore Buyer Associate – 2nC, Used Bookstore Buyer Associates – 2nC, Visual Marketing Coordinator, Warehouse Worker BookSmart, and Perl Programmer.

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