Build-A-Bear is a St. Louis-based retailer and the largest retail chain in the country that deals in customized teddy bears and stuffed animals. Customers have the freedom to select a bear or any other stuffed animal of their choice from these stores. From a single store based in St. Louis, Missouri in1997, the company has grown into a chain of over 400 stores, spread all over the world. Most of these stores are located within shopping malls. Some of the brands that are associated with the company include Make Your Own Mascot, Bearville, Build-A-Dino, and Friends 2B Made.

Build-A-Bear Interview Tips

Adequate preparation is the key to passing your interview. Some useful interview tips that you can follow are as below.

Tip # 1.Carry out a thorough research about the company – its history, operations, and products.

Tip # 2.Punctuality is very important when going for your interview.

Tip # 3.Come up with your own questions that you can ask the interviewer.

Tip # 4.Make sure you stand out from the crowd when you participate in group activities.

How you prepare for the interview will determine your chances of succeeding in your interview.

Build-A-Bear Interview Questions

During your interview, you will be required to prove your suitability in as far as personality, academic qualifications, knowledge, skills, availability, and experience. Therefore, you should expect a wide range of interview questions. Examples of questions that you might encounter include:

  • How would you describe your personality?
  • Tell us what you know about this company
  • How many stores do we have in the country?
  • What can we do to competeeffectively?
  • How would deal with a customer with a bad attitude?

Build-A-Bear Interview Process

The Build-A-Bear interview process is unique in that, all applicants have to go through a group interview. The aim of group interviews is to test teamwork. Your ability to follow instructions, and interact with team members will be tested. Successful applicants are then granted a one-on-one interview. Your personality will be your greatest asset in this interview. Generally, Build-A-Bear seeks is after enthusiastic and friendly employees.

Build-A-Bear Interview Attire

In deciding what to wear for your interview, you should keep in mind that the job openings require you to be an outgoing individual.

What to Wear

An official suit and tie might not be ideal interview attire, as they might make you look too serious. Therefore, you should try a neat casual look. Dressing in red would be a good idea, as this would match with their corporate colors.

What to Bring to the Interview

Copies of your resume, a detailed portfolio, pens, and writing pad should be among the items that you carry for your interview.

Build-A-Bear Positions

You can apply for various positions at Build-A-Bear. These vacancies are within their Bearquarters in St. Louis, MO, retail locations spread across the US and Canada, as well as their Distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. Some of these positions include Sales Associates, Part-time Associate Managers, Full-time Assistant Managers, Store Managers, District Managers, Tax Accountants, Customer Service Representatives, International Associate Product Development Manager, and Human Resources Assistant.

Other job openings include .net Develobear (Windows application development), Java Develobear, Junior Enterprise System Adminbearstrator, Senior Inbearmation Technology R & D Engineer, International Bear Marketing Manager, Supply Purchasing Bear Manager, and Associate Bearstuff (Product Development) Manager.

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