Best Buy is the world’s largest electronic provider to the public. They offer quality products, excellence in service and guide consumers on the most sustainable brands. They do all this at a reasonable price and are conveniently located too. Their annual sales top 40 billion dollars and they employ over a hundred thousand people.

Interview Tips

The following tips will give you an advantage in a face to face interview.

Tip 1. If you have experience in electronics or customer service- make it known

Tip 2. Be early for your appointment. If you are late it may become a missed opportunity. 

Tip 3. Grooming is especially significant when customer service is involved. That includes hair, nails, teeth and body odor.

Tip 4. Be equipped to answer questions about confrontation within the employee structure or with a customer. Offer an example of how you have dealt with these situations before.

Tip 5. If asked if you prefer working alone or in a group go neutral. Say you are comfortable in both scenarios.

Tip 6. Take a moment and prepare a mental list of your strongest and weakest points. This is not only about your skills but your personality.

Tip 7. Research the company prior to your interview.

Tip 8. Make a list of questions you have regarding policies and the available opportunity for growth.

Interview Questions

Interview questions are to provide the employer with limited insight about your personality traits and work ethics.

Why did you choose Best Buy to apply to?

Do you have experience in any one area?

Is there one department you would prefer to work in and if so why?

Do you prefer to work alone or with others?

Would you be comfortable offering suggestions or ideas to your manager?

What are your strongest assets for this company?

When is your first available start date? What days are you available?

Do you have a concern about the drug test or criminal background check?

How would you handle a confrontational customer or co-worker?

What would you do if a co-worker is talking poorly about the management or you catch them stealing from the company?

The Interview Process

The best thing about being called for a face to face interview is that it says you are being seriously considered. Be calm and assertive when you walk in and give a firm handshake as you optimistically introduce yourself. Maintain great posture and answer all the questions as honesty as you can.

Proper Interview Attire

You should always consider the position you’re applying for. Corporate, managerial or customer service should project professionalism. A suit is no longer mandatory, but a dress shirt and tie with dark colored dress pants and casual dress shoes are expected. Ladies should dress in a professional manner and be particularly careful to act mature, not like a nervous teenager.

Best Buy Positions

Best Buy is a specialty store in electronics. They have multiple opportunities such as corporate, retail services, distribution, and global. If you have experience in a particular department or are interested in broadening your knowledge this is the time to express that. If you have limitations either physical or mental you should make that known before you are hired.

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