Little Caesars was first opened in Michigan – Garden City to be more accurate – over 50 years ago.  Mike Ilitch was on a different career path at the time as the gifted shortstop with the Detroit Tigers farm team.  All the time he kept eyeing this local pizza place.

An injury encouraged Mike into a change of his career goals and he and his wife Marian worked together toward the grand opening on May 8th of 1959.

Little Caesar Interview Tips

These are some interview tips that are believed to help you ace your interview with Little Caesar.

Tip # 1 Most companies today drug test, do a background check and check references.

Tip # 2 Prepare for the interview by reviewing your experience, gathering references and being prepared to show a commitment to customer service.

Tip # 3 Research the company and know its history, where it is headquartered, how it started, mission statement and last quarter earnings.  Some companies have very interesting histories.

Tip # 4 Never be late for an interview no matter what company.  This is the single worse impression you can give an employer who is thinking about hiring you.

Tip # 5 Turn your cell phone off before you get out of your car – in fact, leave the cell phone in the car.

These seem rather trivial but any one of them can make or break your chance of getting hired.

Little Caesars Interview Questions

These are interview questions that HR personnel say are often asked at interviews.  Study these and have answers prepared in your head.

  • What hours and days are you available to work?
  • What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing while at work?
  • Are you willing to either open the store or close?
  • Tell me about your past work history.
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Do you have a reliable means of getting to work every day?
  • Tell me your worse and best characteristic or trait
  • Can you remain calm and polite when you have a customer who is angry or drunk?

Little Caesars Interview Process

The interview process at Little Caesars has mostly franchised locations.  So the interview process will vary by store.  Normally, a store manager or assistant manager has a one on one interview with the interested applicant.  A fast question and answer session at Little Caesars normally last about 10 to 15 minutes.   This company’s interview process is quick and straightforward.  Candidates that are successful normally receive an offer of a job in only a few days after the interview.

The interview process is fairly traditional.  You will talk about your availability, your goals and work history.  At some Little Caesars managers might ask some scenario-based questions for applications to offer solutions.

Little Caesars Interview Attire

What to wear is important as this is your first impression.  First impressions are the impressions that last the longest.

What to Wear – Interview attire for Little Caesars is business casual.  Females should not wear open toed shoes.

What to Bring to the Interview

You should bring to the interview your driver’s license, social security card as well as a pen and notepad to take notes.   If you are interested in a management position, bring a copy of your resume.

Little Caesars Positions

Little Caesar’s normally hires for the following positions: Assistant manager, cook, area supervisor, crew member, co-manager, general manager, delivery driver, shift leader, and restaurant manager.


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