Since the first restaurant and country store opened its doors in Lebanon, Tennessee,in 1969   things have been left simple.  Their mission is to please people.  If a person who walks into Cracker Barrel gets a welcome that is warm and a great meal at a price that is fair and enjoys the old country store, that’s all that matters. At Cracker Barrel the mission is simple – to satisfy people.  Nothing less, nothing more.

Cracker Barrel Interview Tips

Here are some Cracker Barrelinterview tips to help you have a successful interview:

Tip # 1- Don’t be late for the interview.

Tip # 2 – They want employees that are very customer oriented.

Tip # 3 – Show a very positive, friendly and outgoing personality.

Tip # 4 – They want to hired those who enjoy working in the restaurant business.

Tip # 5 – They favor interviewees who smile a lot during interviewing.

Tip # 6 – Keep consistent eye control with interviewer.

Tip # 7 – Really express thanks for the opportunity at the end of the interview

This company’s whole business is built around pleasing the customer.  Total customer oriented business so it is vital to elaborate on your customer service skills and use in past job experiences.

Cracker Barrel Interview Questions

Here are some Cracker Barrel interview questions that you need to prepare good answers for. Speak clearly with good but brief answers.

  • How would you handle an irate customer?
  • What are some of your non-work related experiences?
  • Why do you want to work for Cracker Barrel?
  • What makes you a good fit for Cracker Barrel?
  • Will you be willing to work holidays?
  • Are you willing to sell for the company?
  • What hours are you available to work?
  • Describe a time you delivered excellent customer service.
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What are you career goals?
  • Do you plan to continue your education?

Cracker Barrel Interview Process

Cracker Barrel interview process is very straightforward.  Applicants need to first submit an application form to a local Cracker Barrel restaurant.  You will be called for an interview by the hiring manager, normally a shift leader or store manager, contacts the prospective employee to schedule a job interview. This initial phone call can take a couple weeks to a couple months.  There is usually a 1 on 1 interview, a personality test, a skills test, an IQ/intelligence test, a background check, a drug test and a presentation.  They are looking specifically for those who are extremely customer oriented and have a past history of giving great customer service.

Cracker Barrel Interview Attire

What to wear to an interview is often more important than how you answer questions.

What to Wear Interview attire for an applicant needs to be presentable and professional.

What to Bring to the Interview – Take some extra copies of your resume and copies of any certificates for continuing education that you have completed.  Also bring a pen and pad for taking notes.

Cracker Barrel Positions

Cracker Barrel positions they usually hire for include: Busser/dishwasher, grill cook, cashier, assistant manager, hostess/host, night maintenance employee, prep cook, restaurant manager, manager trainee, retail personnel, retail manager, and server.  There might be other jobs has this is not a complete list.  They do have sales people in their Old Country Store adjacent to the restaurant.

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