CVS is combined with other health care services and enables CVS to provide end to end solutions that have an impression on everything from pharmacy design plan to the service delivery to product customers.  Their capabilities include clinical and health care management that is the industry leader, pharmacy area proficiency, customer service distinction, and consumer information added through the more than 5 million people they serve every day, 7 days each week.

CVS Interview Tips

Here are some CVS interview tips that will be a help in your interview with CVS:

Tip # 1 Research the company well before your interview.  At least know the last products that were launched and last year’s profits.

Tip # 2 Practice answering interview questions.  Questions are not hard to figure out.

Tip # 3 Make a good first impression – dress well.  Make sure your clothes fit and your shoes are polished.

Tip # 4 Stay as calm as you can.  You are more in control when you have prepared well.

Tip # 5 Have questions to ask of the interviewer. If you have at least a few questions this shows that you really are interested.

It is really important to know about CVS the company – where or how it begin – what are they known for.   Especially if you think there might be a career path with this company.

CVS Interview Questions

Here are some CVS interview questions that you can build your preparation around:

  • When can you start?
  • Why do you want to work in the pharmacy?
  • Why are you interested in our store?
  • What hours can you work?
  • Do you have transportation that is reliable?
  • What is your biggest weakness and largest strength?
  • How important do you believe customer service is in our business?
  • Tell me about experiences you have had with good customer service?
  • How much retail experience have you had?
  • Are you a team leader?
  • Are you planning on furthering your education?
  • Are you considering CVS as a career?

CVS Interview Process

The first step in the CVS interview process is to go into a local CVS and fill out an application or find one online.  After checking your references and previous employment, a CVS manager will contact you to set up an interview in about 2 weeks.

Potential employees having a CVS job interview should dress business professional.  Personalities that are energetic and positive attitudes as well as an interest that is genuine in the potential job will benefit you greatly during the hiring process.  CVS is a retail store so they look to hire those workers with sound customer service skills.  Persons being interviewed need to arrive on time and be prepared to answer any questions about job skills or work history.  Discuss any abilities that might set you apart from other candidates.

CVS Interview Attire

What to wear for a CVS interview is often hard to decide so plan ahead.

What to Wear Interview attire should be professional dress,as first impressions are lasting impressions.  So look your best.

What to bring to the Interview

Prepare about 3 folders with a copy of your resume, any letter of recommendations and copies of any certifications of continuing educations or on the job training you have been through at a previous job.   Also bring a pen and paper to make notes as needed.

CVS Positions

CVS positions that they are usually hiring for: Administrative assistant, beauty care associate, assistant manager, cashier, customer service associate, overnight shift supervisor, pharmacy service associate, pharmacy supervisor, pharmacy tech, and sales associate.

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