Danny’s Donut first opened in Lakewood, California.  Today, it is a 20-restaurant chain and has since been renamed as Denny’s serving not only donuts but sandwiches and other entrees.  With a belief in diversity, they were ranked twice in Fortune’s list of “American’s 50 Best Corporations for Minorities.”

Everyone at Denny’s is unique with one common passion for great food, good service and good times.  Whether it is front-line or behind the scene, they are always looking to hire the best.

Denny’s Interview Tips

It is never too much to ask to be prepared for any job interviews.  Here are some interview tips that may get you some positive first impressions.

Tip # 1.Do not be late.  It is wise to find out the actual location prior to the interview date.

Tip # 2.Dress neatly and appropriately.  No matter how laid-back the company’s work environment is, these are important details to be concerned about.

Tip # 3.Plan well how you would answer the basic questions and research for any unexpected questions just in case.

Tip # 4.Highlight your prior experience in the fast food industry or any related customer service experiences.

Tip # 5.Denny’s normally looks to hire laid-back staff who enjoys a fun and fast-paced work environment.  Genuinely express your interest in such an opportunity.

Knowing well why you have applied for that position in the first place will keep you motivated to be fully prepared for the interview.  Your disinterest will show when you are unprepared.

Denny’s Interview Questions

The chances of meeting dead serious interviewers are as high as pleasant and friendly ones.  Irrespectively, what matters most is how you response to the interview questions.  Here are some you might want to get prepared for.

  • How many years of experience do you have in a fast-food industry?
  • Have you ever worked in an environment dealing with customer service?
  • Do you think customer service is important at Denny’s?
  • How would you handle a disagreement with a customer?
  • Why are you interested to work for Denny’s?
  • Do you have your own transport?
  • How soon can you start work?

Denny’s Interview Process

You can check and apply for vacant positions over at Denny’s official website.  Vacancies will vary depending on locations you are interested in.  Their interview process would normally last about a week.  However, it would not be unusual if you are called up after several weeks depending on the urgency of the vacancies. After the submission of your online application, they may call you to conduct a phone interview or proceed straight with a one-to-one interview appointment.  You may be required to undergo several rounds of interviews before being hired as well as undergo a drug test within a certain time frame of being offered the job.

Denny’s Interview Attire

While Denny’s encourages a laid-back and fun work environment, it is natural for any potential employee to worry about what to wear for the interview.

What to Wear

You may be provided witha set of uniforms working at Denny’s, but business casuals are the safest interview attire.

What to Bring to the Interview

Other than yourself, the interviewers would be interested to have a look at your original educational certifications.

Denny’s Positions

Varying vacant positions are available at Denny’s from restaurant crew member, host/hostess, service assistant, cook, restaurant manager to even general manager.  The list of positions is not exhaustive and you can check for more vacancies on their official website.  You can also inquire at your local Denny’s for any positions available.

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