One man’s keen interest in retail over 70 years ago has become a legacy of tremendous success today.  Dillard’s presently has a chain of over 300 stores spanning 29 states.  They continually remained true to their founder’s philosophy to offer the finest quality merchandise at the best price.

With an annual revenue exceeding $6.2 billion, Dillard’s ranks among the nation’s largest fashion apparel, cosmetics and home furnishings retailers.  Dillard’s is always hiring to meet their growing business and welcomes you to apply.

Dillard’s Interview Tips

It is hard to expect who and what type of interviewer you will be meeting during your interview at Dillard’s.  However the situation, it’s better to be prepared with these interview tips in case of a stringent interview process.

Tip # 1.Always be ready to give the best first impression.  Arrive early and dress professionally.

Tip # 2.Always listen to the questions rendered carefully.  Consider your response in quick relation to Dillard’s before you answer.

Tip # 3.  Identify the key goals, tasks and job specifications of the job you applied as your interviewer may request you to elaborate on work-related issues.

Tip # 4.Pay attention to your body language by looking straight, keeping eye contacts and smile.  A firm handshake indicates your confidence.

One of the aims for an interview is to evaluate how you handle yourself under pressure.  Be relaxed even if you cannot answer the questions well.

Dillard’s Interview Questions

Dillard’s normally ask tradition questions during their job interviews.  Here are some of sample interview questions you can be prepared for.

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What interests you to work in Dillard’s?
  • Why should Dillard’s offer you the position over other candidates?
  • Explain how you can be an asset to Dillard’s.
  • What are your sales experiences?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • Tell us what you know about Dillard’s.
  • Tell us how you intend to meet your sales targets.
  • Describe how you would handle a situation with an unhappy customer.
  • Why do you want to leave your current employer?

Dillard’s Interview Process

Looking to start a career at Dillard’s begins at the company’s official website.  If you find a position you are interested in, you can submit your application by mail or facsimile or email to the store manager.

Dillard’s exercises several stages in their interview process that serves to find the best candidates for their organization.  You will have to undergo phone interview, a personality test, a skill test and IQ/Intelligence test before moving on to a one-to-one interview.  All-in-all, you may be interviewed by two or three different managers.  They will conduct a background check on you and upon successful employment you will be required to attend a presentation before starting work.

Dillard’s Interview Attire

As usual, thinking about what to wear for an interview may be daunting and Dillard’s being a fashion apparel retailer offers no respite.

What to Wear

Dillard’s expects all candidates to dress in business casuals for their job interview.  If you are not sure, call them to reconfirm the interview attire.

What to Bring to the Interview

Showing proof of your work experience and your qualifications in a portfolio is important.

Dillard’s Positions

Dillard’s continuously looks for talented, ambitious people to fill the various vacancies in their stores and corporate offices.  Some of the positions include sales associate, retail advisor, licensed cosmetologist, fashion photographer, stylist, Estee Lauder business manager and store manager.

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