The original founder of Six Flags was Angus Wynne, who opened the very first of the Six Flags parks – Six Flags Over Texas in 1961.  He is considered a pioneer in the family entertainment industry.

After studying other pioneers that were around him, Mr. Wynne realistically took his own imagination and vision and generating this whole new type of entertainment for the whole family.  He originally thought of area parks large in range but close to places where people lived, and making them affordable and convenient.

Six Flags Interview Tips

Here are some interview tips that can possibly help you with an interview at Six Flags:

Tip # 1 Study the Six Flags website under “opportunities” and decide which section of the park as well as which park you would like to work in.

Tip # 2 Have a good idea of why you want to work for Six Flags because they will want to know – are you a college student, someone who wants stage entertainment experience or a homemaker working for extra money now that the kids have left home.  Have your goals totally worked out.

Tip # 3 Be out going, very excited about working for them, stay focused on the interview and speak in a clear voice.

Tip # 4 Be sure you know where you are going before the interview – you do not want to get lost and end up being late.

Follow these tips as there will be hundreds of people interview at the start of the spring and summer season.

Six Flags Interview Questions

These are typical interview questions that could be asked during your interview, so prepare answers for them in advance just in case:

  • Exactly what are you looking to gain from your experience at Six Flags?
  • Tell me about your educational and career goals?
  • What theme park theatre would you like to work in?
  • Are you available for the whole season that we are opened?
  • What is your college major?
  • What work experience do you have and what type skill sets have these jobs given you?
  • Are you able to remain polite and calm when confronted by an angry customer?

Six Flags Interview Process

The interview process starts after you fill out the application and other paperwork online.  Someone will call you to send up an interview and it will probably consist of a group interview and a short one on one interview.  In order to be remembered you need to be very enthusiastic and focused especially with the one on one interview.  Know exactly what area you want to work in for example, retail, food service, entertainment, costumed character, customer service – and know exactly which park you want to work at also.

Six Flags Interview Attire

What to wear is very important as it can be another way for the interviewer to remember you.

Interview attire – if you are interviewing for a career position in management the dress is business; if this is for working during the summer season – business casual.

What to Bring to the Interview

Bring a pen and notepad, two forms of identification or your passport as well as a clean, new copy of your resume.

Six Flags Positions

The 9 parks normally hire for these positions: X-treme attractions team, entertainer/performer, team member food service, member of tech crew, support staff,arcade/games team, safari/education department member, crew member greenhouse, ride operator, member of guest relations/parking lot/admission screw, retail and rental team, justice league of America, planting crew, Looney Tunes character associate, and park services team.


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