Foot Locker is a leviathan in the world of elite footwear, having begun operations in 1974 in New York and subsequently expanded to over 20 countries the world over. The enormous chain has a global reputation for exceptional quality and value for money, along with its unique staff uniforms which resemble those of a referee.

Foot Locker Interview Tips

Given the incredible size, history and prowess of Foot Locker as a brand, it is essential that you do not underestimate the importance of these key interview tips. The company now operates almost 2,000 stores the world over.

Tip # 1.  Look into how exactly Foot Locker came about in the first place, how it evolved and exactly what made it a success.

Tip # 2. If footwear isn’t your primary passion, at least make sure that you study up on the latest brands, trends and products making waves at the moment. Chances are you will be asked about the most popular current ranges and your knowledge/opinion of them.

Tip # 3. Visit not one, but several Foot Locker stores and their rivals before attending any interviews in order to see first-hand exactly how the operation works.

Tip # 4. Finally, remember that Foot Locker Prides itself on something of a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere, therefore try not to approach the interview with too large a head of severity or stuffiness – just be yourself.

Foot Locker Interview Questions

Foot Locker has thousands of stores the world over and tens of thousands of employees. They exercise great selectiveness when it comes to who they will and will not offer positions to, therefore it is essential to have advance awareness of the interview questions you might be asked:

  • What makes Foot Locker stand out?
  • What make YOU stand out?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Why should you be chosen over any other applicant?
  • What can you bring the company than nobody else can?

This may be footwear retail, but is also footwear retail on the most elite level.

Foot Locker Interview Process

Foot Locker lists almost every single vacant post that arises via the official company website. Here, you can find positions anywhere in the world and at any level. Complete the necessary application form and submit it in an instant. You can also ask for application forms in some stores, though others will direct you to the web. Application forms will then be followed up in many instances by telephone interviews, with face-to-face interviews then following in various numbers, depending on the post you are applying for. Foot Locker also favors on the job experience as part of the interview process.

Foot Locker Interview Attire

What to wear to a Foot Locker interview depends on the position you are applying for.

What to Wear

If you are looking to work the floor as a store assistant, you will be fine to don a smart shirt, trousers/skirt and at least reasonably smart shoes. If looking for a higher supervision or management position, you should upgrade the interview attire to include a tie and jacket.

What to Bring to the Interview – Make sure and bring any documents or verification of qualifications and experience.

Foot Locker Positions

There are literally hundreds of positions available in the Foot Locker chain spanning the world, beginning with standard store representatives and climbing through the ranks to supervisors, managers, store directors and even national and international marketing executives. The list is almost endless.


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