Footaction is part of the Foot Locker empire, which has been serving the athletic footwear needs of the world for nearly three decades now. This particular arm of the business favors “young males seeking street-inspired athletic styles” and leads the field in terms of both quality and value.

Footaction Interview Tips

As Footaction carries both the name and the reputation of Foot Locker, you must be aware that you are essentially applying to one of the most important names in the business – if not THE most important. Footaction prides itself on remaining right on the cutting-edge of streetwise fashion and exceptional product performance, while at all times appealing to a younger clientele with excellent value for money. Always bear the following few interview tips in mind:

Tip # 1.  Be sure not to underestimate the company as a simple purveyor of shoes – Foot Locker has a long and illustrious history so be sure to study up on a few details at least.

Tip # 2. Make sure that prior to any interview you are fully aware of the brands and products currently proving the most popular with the company’s primary clientele – you need to be in line with the times.

Tip # 3. Pay a visit to a Footaction store, followed by a Foot Locker store and also another rival store – you will need to know what sets the three apart.

Tip # 4. Take a good look at the way the staff and workers present themselves and interact with the public – chances are you will be asked about this several times during the interview.

Footaction Interview Questions

Footaction is a massive brand and forms part of Foot Locker. As such, you can expect to be asked to plead your case in no uncertain terms when it comes to why Footaction should choose you over another applicant. Interviews are highly unpredictable when it comes to interview questions and demands:

  • What separates Footaction from Foot Locker?
  • What makes suitable for Footaction?
  • Who is Footaction aimed at?
  • How does your personality fit in with the Footaction way?
  • What can you bring to the already established team?

Footaction Interview Process

Footaction follows the same online recruitment and interview process as the global Foot Locker brand. Some stores will allow in-person applications, though most will redirect you to the website. The number of telephone interviews and meetings you can expect will differ depending on the level of the position you are applying for, but you can expect at least one of each. Footaction will almost always demand a day of on the job experience prior to hiring any new employees. You should also be prepared for references to be contacted at any time during the recruitment process.

Footaction Interview Attire

Deciding what to wear for an interview with Footaction is something of a balancing act, as while you certainly need to present yourself as smart, reliable and serious about the job, you also need to demonstrate that you aren’t TOO serious to fit in with the environment.

What to Wear

If applying for a standard store position you will usually be fine with a smart shirt, trousers/skirt and smart shoes. Higher position applications may benefit from the full tie and jacket interview attire.

What to Bring to the Interview – Bring verification of achievements, identification and writing materials.

Footaction Positions

Footaction offers dozens of positions across its stores and online offices, which range from standard customer service assistants right through to marketing executives, regional coordinators and even some important IT roles. Along with in-store, regional and national management positions, the list is extensive and continually changing.

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