With names the likes of Emporio Armani and Burberry under its belt, Fossil remains one of the most important brands in the world today. Fossil also represents one of the most incredibly exciting and potentially rewarding career options imaginable.

Fossil Interview Tips

With the appropriate attitude and a good deal of preparation and some key interview tips there is nothing to say that an exciting career with Fossil is not within easy reach.

Tip # 1.  Be fully aware of the fact that fashion and status really does not come much higher than the Fossil name and the brands it carries.

Tip # 2. Given the fact that the business covers an enormous range of products and services spanning the whole of the world and carries a long and illustrious history, you MUST be willing to put in the hours to learn at least a few key details.

Tip # 3. The Fossil brand likes to pride itself on using the “Modern Vintage” moniker – it is your job to research not only what this means to the brand, but also what it means to you.

Tip # 5. As is the case in most instances, it is essential that you immerse yourself in the Fossil “experience” by way of visiting stores and outlets, while getting familiar with the company website.

Fossil Interview Questions

If you think you’re going to get away with a few memorized answers to standard interview questions, be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. Working for Fossil is not like just working in your bog-standard local clothes store, but is instead a post with a global leader in exquisite design and style. As such, you must be prepared to demonstrate exactly how and why you fit in with the brand, along with why you represent a more suitable choice than the other legion of applicants.

  • What does the Fossil name represent?
  • What defines Modern Vintage?
  • How can you benefit the company?
  • How will you build the company’s reputation?

Fossil Interview Process

All posts on a global basis can be found on the Fossil’s corporate website where the application and interview process begins. It is also possible to open an account for instant email alerts and forwarding of appropriate job postings. Candidates may then be invited straight in for an interview with a deputy store manager or supervisor. If successful, a further interview with the store manager will be arranged, perhaps followed by a final meeting with HR or an area manager. For higher posts, interviews may be conducted in the presence of a larger panel of executives.

Fossil Interview Attire

It is essential that you know what to wear and look the part when attending an interview with one of the world’s leading authorities on fashion. This is one particular example of an interview situation where a little bit of showing-off may not be such a bad idea.

What to Wear – Think regular interview attire – i.e. smart suit and shoes – complimented with one or two accessories that scream good taste.

What to Bring to the Interview – Usual documents from education, proof of achievements, writing materials, stylish accessories if available.

Fossil Positions

Strike up a career with Fossil and the world is your oyster, as positions exist in their hundreds and span the entire globe. From standard store assistants to management figures to HR specialists to heads of design to chief buyers to global marketing executives – the list goes on and on to cover literally all bases.


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