Friendly’s is a restaurant chain that is based out of Springfield, Illinois.  It was founded 1935 by Curtis and Prestley Blake, when the depression was at its worst.  It began as a small ice cream shop that sold double-dip cones at five cents a pop.  Now, as a restaurant, they have around 380 stores in 16 states.  Friendly’s is still best known for their ice cream and they have an extensive dessert menu.  Getting a job at Friendly’s means having good customer relations and a big sweet tooth.

Friendly’s Interview Tips

Dealing with job interviews can be a tricky.  You are never sure what kind of mood that the interviewer will be in and how communicative he, or she, is willing to be.  No matter the atmosphere, if you follow the right interview tips you will come out on top.

Tip # 1.  Always stay positive.  Even if the interviewer has a nasty frown, meet it with a smile and you will show him, or her, that you can do well even with a difficult customer.

Tip # 2.  Do not speak badly about anyone.  Whether your school or your previous employer, always be positive.

Tip # 3.  Be punctual.  An interview can be over before it even begins if you are even a few minutes late.

By using these tips you can show even the most difficult interviewer that you can do well in high stress situations.

Friendly’s Interview Questions

The worst part of a job interview is when the interviewer asks you a question that you had no idea was coming.  Fumbling over your answer could mean the end for your aspirations with Friendly’s, but there are many interview questions that are repeated over and over.

  • What kind of food do you like to eat?
  • Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
  • How many jobs have you had before coming here?
  • If the store is under-staffed and large group comes in, how do you think you would handle it?
  • Have you ever come into conflict with a manager and what did you do?

Friendly’s Interview Process

The interview process at Friendly’s is commonly straight forward.  Once you hand in your application at your desired restaurant you will usually receive a call within one week to set up an interview.

Most interviews are one-on-one, but it is often a multistage process.  During these stages you will meet with several current employees at different levels, such as the manager and shift leader.  Questions that they ask are usually meant to deduce your personality type and work efficiency.  You may also be asked to get a background check done at some point during the proceedings.

Friendly’s Interview Attire

What to wear is always an important question to ask before going to an interview.  Wear something comfortable, but also makes you look professional.

What to Wear

Casual black slacks or khakis with a polo shirt or dress suit is good interview attire for Friendly’s.

What to Bring to the Interview

A good attitude, knowledge about the business and a professional demeanor should be brought to the interview.

Friendly’s Positions

Friendly’s has a wide array of customer service and food preparatory positions, such as: cook, dish washer, express concept support staff for the kitchen and dining room, greeter, fountain worker, server, assistant manager, restaurant general manager, kitchen manager and production worker.

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