Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc. manages a chain of restaurants that are fast food.  These restaurants are located in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States.  Hardee’s offers breakfast products, biscuits, charbroiled burgers, various side dishes, desserts, chicken, beverages and other products.  This company provides franchisees as well.  Hardee’s Food System, Inc. formerly was known as Hardee’s Drive-Ins, Inc. but changed to its present name in May 1961.  This company was founded in 1960 and is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Hardees Interview Tips

Below are some interview tips that should help with having a better interview:

Tip # 1 – As always be early or on time for your interview – never late!

Tip # 2 – Show a customer-oriented and fun-loving attitude.

Tip # 3 – Research the history and values of Hardees.

Tip # 4 – It is important to display an attitude of motivation.

Tip # 5–After the interview, it is important to send an email to the interviewing manager and thank him for his time.

Tip # 6 – Being a team player is very important when interviewing for a position in a fast food restaurant

These tips are important to pay attention to as they show character traits that are important in any job.  Also remember that fast food restaurants are very busy at certain parts of the day and can get very stressful – be certain you can handle this before interviewing.

Hardees Interview Questions

These are interview questions that are often asked.  Study them and have an answer prepared for your interview.

  • Why should Hardee’s hire you?
  • How would you handle an angry customer?
  • Are you motivated and a team player?
  • Are you sure you can work in a fast paced and heated atmosphere?
  • How would you handle a situation where you saw another employee stealing?
  • Can you work at night and on weekends?
  • If a customer is yelling at you, can you remain calm as well as polite?
  • At your last job, how many sick days did you take?
  • How would your last supervisor describe you as an employee?

Hardees Interview Process

Hardee’s interview process begins after the applicant fills out a job application. An interview will be set up about a week after submitting the information.  Usually the hiring manager, an assistant manager or a shift leader will contact the candidate in order to schedule the interview.   The interview process normally consists of a single one-on-one interview with the hiring manager.  Dependent on how many applicants, some locations of Hardee’s often conduct panel or group interviews.

At the interview, the candidate normally answers questions concerning previous experience working, job skills, availability and the desire to work for the company.  There will be questions to ensure that all employees can handle stressful situations.

Hardees Interview Attire

First impressions are important so what to wear to your interview matters.

What to Wear – Interview attire for an interview with Hardee’s should be business casual.

What to bring to the Interview – You should bring your driver’s license, social security card and a copy of any resume that you might have.  Also bring pen and paper to take notes.

Hardees Positions

Hardees’ normally hires for the following positions: Assistant manager, service technician, biscuit maker, cashier, breakfast shift leader, crew person, cook, manager, drive-thru crew member, shift leader and prep cook.

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