Inter Continental Hotels Group is a franchisor, manager and owner of nine hotel brands throughout the world including one of the best known, Holiday Inn.  The group is focused on activities that will give them the opportunities to add value to the company, owners and guests and create Great Hotels Guests Love.

People are at the heart of their business, and with an ever-growing number of rooms globally, the group offers a wealth of career opportunities around the world.

Holiday Inn Interview Tips

Holiday Inn offers job opportunities for an exciting career in the hospitality industry.  To make a stronger chance for acceptance, here are some interview tips to take note.

Tip # 1.It is advantageous to carefully research about the job you applied and the organization.

Tip # 2.Prepare clear to the point answer to anticipated questions.  Practice but don’t make it scripted.

Tip # 3.Find out the interview location and how to get there.  You don’t want to fail in your first impression.

Tip # 4.Never say anything negative about past work experiences and employers.  Talk about how and what you have learned from past employments.

When you are invited for an interview, it is an indication that they are interested to bring you on board their organization.  It is your chance to learn about the organization and for them to know you better.

Holiday Inn Interview Questions

You can impress your interviewer by volunteering relevant information about yourself, and it is easier to be ready for some of these interview questions they are likely to ask.

  • How would your previous employer describe you?
  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • Describe your previous experience in the hospitality industry.
  • What do you expect to gain from this company?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you disagree strongly with your supervisor?
  • Describe how you would deal with an upset customer.
  • Explain what extraordinary customer service means to you.
  • Would you take a drug test?

Holiday Inn Interview Process

It will be a lengthy interview process for a job in Holiday Inn,which begins with your submission of their online application form.   After receiving and reviewing your application, a hiring manager will reply with an email.  It may take a week or several weeks depending on the urgency of the vacancies.An online assessment followed by a call center simulation will be conducted before they schedule a formal interview. You will be further put on a language proficiency exam and skill test.  You can expect a series of interviews at Holiday Inn, which includes group and panel interviews.  A background check will be in place if you are successful.

Holiday Inn Interview Attire

First impressions are formed in 7 seconds with almost half based on how you look.  What to wear cannot be emphasized more.

What to Wear – Formal interview attire in pants or skirt suits for women while men in suits and tie. Compliment with a simple black pump while men should wear formal shoes.

What to Bring to the Interview – Carry a portfolio which includes your qualifications and an additional resume in case it is asked.

Holiday Inn Positions

With so many locations, you can start with a choice of positions ranging from accounting clerk/HR coordinator, auditor, bartender, cook/commis chef, customer service representative, concierge, driver, front desk agent, front office manager, hotel general manager, housekeeper, maintenance associate, restaurant cashier, reservation agent, technical specialist, sales and marketing manager, armed security officer, phone operator to sous chef.

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