Having been in business for well over a decade now, Five Below has proved once and for all that there is a place on the High Street for the wild and wacky, just as long as it is offered for a bewilderingly low price. Five Below’s primary market segment is that of younger children and families, though the company’s product range can vary literally by the day.

Five Below Interview Tips

Not only do you need to ensure you are fully prepared for any question they may decide to throw at you, but it is imperative you take along the necessary confidence and optimistic frame of mind preparation affords. Bear the following key interview tips in mind:

Tip # 1.  Be sure you know what the company stands for, why it came about, who it appeals to, why it remains a success and what they are looking for in an employee.

Tip # 2. Remember that one-sided interviews are never effective, so be sure that you have plenty to offer by way of free-flowing conversation and dialogue.

Tip # 3. Think carefully about your main qualities and do not be afraid to speak volumes of your achievements – just be sure not to cross the line into arrogance.

Tip # 4. Be prepared to answer a question as to your main limitations or setback in life so far – don’t try and persuade the interviewer you are perfect in every way.

Five Below Interview Questions

Five Below’s products and workers are diverse and appeal to an enormous market segment covering a variety of backgrounds. Essentially, versatility in an employee is key, therefore you can expect to be asked an array of interview questions covering an extensive spectrum:

  • What is it about Five Below that appeals to you?
  • What can you offer Five Below?
  • Who do you think the company is aimed at?
  • What is your long-term ambition with Five Below?
  • How are your experience, education and character of value to the company?

Five Below Interview Process

In order to apply for a position with Five Below, you must begin the interview process filling out and submit the necessary application form either online, through the post or in person at a store. Should your application be of interest to the human resources team, you will be contacted by telephone for either a preliminary interview, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting. You will generally be invited to speak to an HR member or store deputy before speaking to the general manager. Higher position applicants will likely be interviewed by regional coordinators.

Five Below Interview Attire

It is all-too easy to become overly concerned and bogged-down with what to wear for an interview, though in most cases there is a basic standard which will do the job just fine.

What to Wear

Generally speaking, you should be prepared to wear smart trousers or a skirt of appropriate length, a dress shirt or blouse, suit jacket if available and smart shoes.

What to Bring to the Interview

Don’t forget that along with suitable interview attire, you should also bring along verification of your qualification and experience if required, along with writing materials.

Five Below Positions

Positions at Five Below range from standard shop-floor associates through to supervisors, store management, HR executives, area managers and a myriad of creative positions in sales and marketing. The company’s web arm also employs a strong IT staff contingency. This list is far from exhaustive however as innovative new posts are continually being created year after year.


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