Almost 100 years ago, Sebastian Spering Kresge started a very small five and dime store in Detroit’s downtown and by doing that changed the total field of retailing.  That one store has since become an empire of more than 1500 stores as well as an Internet website that reaches millions.  The name of Kmart has become the symbol of Americana – offering quality products at low prices.

The philosophy of Kmart has been to offer consumers the products they need at the prices they can afford.

Kmart Interview Tips

These are interview tips that can take your interview from so so to fantastic!  Seriously these tips are important.

Tip # 1You will need to take an assessment test for certain jobs – such as handling cash.

Tip # 2Everyone will have to pass a drug test for employment and probably a background check.

Tip # 3Be enthusiastic and friendly, focus on the interviewer and smile.

Tip # 4Always speak well of previous jobs, co-workers and bosses.

Tip # 5 Speak in a calm but clear voice – don’t mumble or chew gum.

Tip # 6 Research Kmart’s history and other information about the company.

Remember to look these over as part of your pre-interview preparation. These may not look as if they are important but often it is the smallest thing that can be the difference between a good first impression and a bad first impression.

Kmart Interview Questions

These are some questions that might be asked at your interview.  Develop some good responses as part of your preparation.

  • What skills do you bring to this job and how will you apply them?
  • Tell me of a time you had problems with a co-worker and how did you handle it?
  • What are you bringing to the store that would be an asset and not a problem?
  • What is your definition of excellent customer service?
  • Be able to explain any gaps in your work history.
  • Don’t be late for your interview – in fact, get there early in case someone else doesn’t show up.

Kmart Interview Process

Kmart’s interview process will vary depending on the position.  Entry-level positions at Kmart sometimes require the applicants to take an online assessment tests.  If you do well on the assessment, an applicant might move on to a one on one interview with a Kmart hiring manager.  Applicants need to expect questions that are basic on any interview.  Topics will usually cover availability, work ethic and history of employment.  Some interviewers might ask situational and behavioral questions also.  These questions normally are probing for personality ability to handle customers who are upset as well as personality traits.  Some positions might require group or multi-round interviews.

Kmart Interview Attire

A first impression can be made by what you wear.  So take your time deciding what to wear to your interview.

What to Wear – Applicants for entry level positions should wear casual dress with those for management positions wearing business professional interview attire.

What to Bring to the Interview – You will need to bring a copy of your resume, a pen and some paper to take notes, your driver’s license and social security card.

 Kmart Positions

Kmart normally hires for the following positions: Cashier, assistant manager, copy and print center expert, copy and print center associate, customer service lead, customer service associate, junior planner, inventory associate, office supplies associate, merchandiser, service desk associate, sales associate, stock associate, truck driver and store manager.

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