Looking for a great career? You will find it at Hat World and Lids.

Hat World, Inc. operates well over 800 stores in over 46 states under the name of Lids, Hat Zone, Hat World, Cap Connection and Head Quarters retail band names and are opening new stores all over the country.  Due to the extraordinary growth these brands are seeking individuals for their stores as well as the corporate office.  Do not miss this opportunity to work with one of America’s quickest-growing retailers.

Lids Interview Tips

These are a few interview tips that can help you with your interview by making is a success.

Tip # 1 Research the company and know its history, where it is headquartered, how it started, mission statement and last quarter earnings.  Some companies have very interesting histories.

Tip # 2 Never be late for an interview no matter what company.  This is the single worse impression you can give an employer who is thinking about hiring you.

Tip # 3 Stay focused on the interview, look the interviewer in the eyes – don’t be looking around at what else is happening in the background

Tip # 4 Be certain to study any possible questions and have answers well-formed for the interview

These tips are very important although they seem rather small.  But often it can only take one tiny things for a hiring manager to get a bad impression of you.

Lids Interview Questions

These are some interview questions that often are asked when interviewing for a job.  Study these and formulate good answers before your interview.

  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing while at work?
  • Do you have a reliable means of getting to work every day?
  • Tell me about your past work history?
  • Can you explain the gaps in your work history for me?
  • Can you remain calm and polite when you have a customer who is angry or drunk?
  • Tell me when you ever worked with a person that you did not get along well with and how did you handle it?

Lids Interview Process

Lids interview process has a wide assortment of questions during the process of hiring. Normally these interviews are held as one to one question and answer sessions with manager who is able to hire.  The Lids interview screens interviewee for job skills, employment history, work ethic, personality traits and availability.  Your answers should be simple and honest.  Lids managers doing the interview might also ask some in-depth questions, such as recent sporting type events and there scores as well as your favorite athlete.

Those interviewees need to arrive at the interview needing to be ready to talk about sport memorabilia as well as sports. As a major retailer of baseball caps, applicants need to have sports knowledge and haves a customer-oriented manner toward work.

Lids Interview Attire

What to wear to an interview is so important since it leaves the first impression.

What to Wear – Interview attire should be business casual.

What to Bring to the Interview

Bring to your interview your driver’s license, social security card as well as pen and notepaper to take notes one.   If you have a resume – bring a good copy of that also.

Lids Positions

Lids normally hires for the following positions:  Store manager, administrative-clerical associate, customer service associate, assistant store manager, information technology associate, district sales manager, trainer and manager sales associate.


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