MetroPCS is the leader in America in cell phone service with “no annual contract”, offering not just wireless service that is great, but the total convenience and freedom going along with coverage that is nationwide.  They offer text, unlimited talk and plans for web cell phone having all-in pricing, regulatory fees and applicable taxes included.  This means there are no additional charges, or unhappy surprises with cell phone plans with no-annual-contract.

MetroPCS strives to bring wireless for all that is flexible, predictable and also affordable to all their customers.

MetroPCS Interview Tips

These are interview tips that might help you make your interview one that is remembered:

Tip # 1 To prepare for your interview, research MetroPCS and their history and who founded them.

Tip # 2 Know why you want to work for MetroPCS and what skills set you can bring to this company.

Tip # 3 Leave your cell phone at home especially if you text a lot or get lots of calls.

Tip # 4 Sit up straight, be focused, look the interviewer in the eye when you answer a question and speak with a clear voice.

Tip # 5 Be aware of your personal hygiene.

Tip # 6 Show an outgoing personality that is cheerful and polite.

These are great tips so be sure to read over them and heed them when interviewing with MetroPCS.

MetroPCS Interview Questions

There are some interview questions that are known to be asked on MetroPCS interviews.  Study them and prepare some answers that are intelligent:

  • What is your definition of good customer service and do you expect it when you go to a store?
  • What areasof our store are you interested in working in and why?
  • Do you have any retail sales experience and if so with what products?
  • Why do you want to work at MetroPCS?
  • What are your career goals and do you have a plan to reach them?
  • Tell me things about yourself that you believe are important for me to know?

MetroPCS Interview Process

The hiring process at MetroPCS consists of several steps, dependent on the position you are applying for.  Many applicants might have a single one-on-one interview with one of the hiring managers. Other applicants for MetroPCS employment may need to take a personality test, have their background checked, have drug screening, phone interviews, and group interviews and also be involved with watching a company presentation.  At MetroPCS hiring rep will normally contact eligible applicants within a few weeks of submitting all the necessary forms in order to schedule a job interview.

MetroPCS Interview Attire

What to wear is as important as what you say.

What to Wear – Interview attire is business or business casual.  Be certain to ask when they call

What to Bring to the Interview

Bring a notepad and pen, two forms of ID or your passport and a clean copy of your resume.

MetroPCS Positions

MetroPCS usually hires for the following positions: Technical support analyst, account service rep, technical, assistant manager, store manager, business analyst, cell technician, sales associate, customer service rep, project engineer, business analyst, part-time sales associate Spanish, desktop support technician, marketing analyst, inventory associate, human resources manager, human resources associate ad financial analyst.


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