It was 1984 and there were only 16 Michaels stores primarily located in Texas, and it became a publicly held company.  And then began a very insistent national development program so that by 1995 through several new store acquisitions and new store openings, Michaels’ holdings have developed to over 500 stores which more than tripled its size to become the largest crafts and arts specialty retailer in North America.

Michaels Interview Tips

These are interview tips to make your interview turn into your time to shine.

Tip # 1 Research Michaels and know its history, where it is headquartered, how it started, mission statement and last quarter earnings.

Tip # 2 Never be late for an interview no matter what company.  This is the single worse impression you can give an employer who is thinking about hiring you.

Tip # 3 Turn your cell phone off before you get out of your car – in fact, leave the cell phone in the car.

Tip # 4 You are always going to be asked about customer service – be certain you have a good definition of what good customer service means to you.

Tip # 5Males should always look clean cut with no facial hair or long hair styles.

Go over these tips when you are preparing for your interview.  These tips have been suggested by an HR specialist.

Michaels Interview Questions

These are interview questions that might be asked by your interviewer, so have prepared answers ready:

  • Why are you interested in Michaels?
  • What hours and days are you available to work?
  • What is your definition of good customer service?
  • Are you willing to either open the store or close?
  • Do you have a reliable means of getting to work every day?
  • Tell me about your past work history?
  • Tell me your worst and best characteristic or trait.
  • What are your life goals and how do you plan to achieve them?
  • Tell me what your past work experience has involved?

Michaels Interview Process

The Michaels interview process usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.  After the submission of application information online or at a nearby store, a Michaels’ manager who can hire will contact the prospective candidates within about 5 days.  Some of these candidates might receive a call to schedule an interview in a couple of days, dependent on the number of applicants.  Once the date of the interview is set up, the candidate will receive a questionnaire to complete.  This will serve as a personality test for the candidate to bring to the Michaels interview.

Michaels Interview Attire

The section will have suggestions on what to wear to the interview.

What to Wear

The interview attire for Michaels’ interview should be business professional.  Women should not wear open toed shoes. Men should be clean shaven.  If any piercings on the head or face take out the jewelry except for earrings. Remember that what you are wearing will be your first impression.

What to Bring to the Interview

You should bring to the interview a pen and notepad for taking notes as well as your driver’s license and social security card.  If you have a resume bring a copy of it also.

Michaels Positions

Michaels usually hires for the following positions:  Assistant manager, category administrative assistant, accountant, call center agent, distribution supervisor, demand planner, department supervisor, coach/supervisor, HR Coordinator, loss prevention investigator, hourly store associate, material handler, marketing specialist, part-time floral designer, packaging manager, store manager, project manager, TEMP, service management manager, and vendor relationships.

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