To put it simply, Orange Leaf believes that they are America’s Frozen Yogurt.  They also believe that average Americans want to make decisions that are healthy for them, but will more likely not make those healthy decisions when the choice is between creamy and rich traditional frozen treats and an icy, frozen, bland yogurt.  At Orange Leaf, they offer you flavors that are decadent and reminiscent of trips in your childhood to the local dessert shop and flavors that are fruit based suiting the most health conscious individuals.

Orange Leaf Interview Tips

These are interview tips that can help you shine during your interview sure to land this job.

Tip # 1Research the company and know its history, where it is headquartered, how it started, mission statement and last quarter earnings.  Some companies have very interesting histories.

Tip # 2 Never be late for an interview no matter what company.  This is the single worse impression you can give an employer who is thinking about hiring you.

Tip # 3 Stay focused on the interview, look the interviewer in the eyes – don’t be looking around at what else is happening in the background.

Tip # 4 Turn your cell phone off before you get out of your car – in fact, leave the cell phone in the car.

Tip # 5 You are always going to be asked about customer service – be certain you have a good definition of what good customer service means to you.

Be certain to follow these tips so you have an advantage over others.

Orange Leaf Interview Questions

These are some interview questions that will possibly be asked by the person interviewing you:

  • Why are you interested in our company?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What hours and days are you available to work?
  • What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing while at work?
  • What is your definition of good customer service?
  • When did you exceed expectations on a job and what did your boss say about it?
  • Are you a leader or a follower and give me an example?
  • Tell me about your past work history?

Orange Leaf Interview Process

With Orange Leaf, the interview process is straightforward and simple, as they monitor for the most qualified candidates by the use of brief question and answer sessions with the hiring manager.  The majority of applicants do obtain one-on-one interviews.  Others might need to participate in group interviews, dependent on the volume of applicants. Be certain not to be late to the interview and dress professionally to make an excellent first impression.  You should learn the diverse flavors of Orange Leaf ice cream, the history of this company and the market that is targeting to further impress those interviewing you and have a solid performance.

Orange Leaf Interview Attire

What to wear to interviews is always a problem.

What to Wear

The interview attire for Orange Lead is straightforward – business professional.

What to Bring to the Interview

Arrive early for your interview and bring a pen and pad to take any notes, your driver’s license and social security card.   If you have a resume, bring a new copy of it also.

Orange Leaf Positions

The positions at Orange Leaf are not many – unlike some businesses where everyone has a unique title, Orange Leaf normally hires only for the following positions:  Assistant manager, team member, manager – simple and straightforward exactly like everything else at this company.

After completing your final interview, follow up with a phone call or email in a couple of days to check on the status of your application.


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