In 1972, Alvin Copeland opened “Church on the Run” in the New Orleans suburb of Arabi serving traditional style of southern fried chicken.  After some months of little sales, Copeland reopened the restaurant as Popeye’s after Popeye Doyle in the movie the French Connection. But this time Copeland sold spicy, New Orleans style chicken.

In 1983 Popeye’s established their famous biscuits now on every menu.  In 1985 Popeye’s opened its 500th store becoming the number three chicken chain.  In 1999 they passed one billion dollar annual sales for the first time.

Popeye’s Interview Tips

These interview tips can help an applicant outshine everyone else in an interview.

Tip # 1 Learn as much as possible about the company, its history and any other information that you can find.

Tip # 2 Never be late for job interview – at Popeye’s or anywhere else.

Tip # 3 Be familiar with the menu items when going for an interview at Popeye’s.

Tip # 4 Pride and passion are part of the motto at Popeye’s.

Tip # 5 Be excited about your interview and let that excitement show to your hiring manager.  Speak clearly and don’t ramble.

Tip # 6 Customer service is very important at Popeye’s – know what good customer service means to you.

Tip # 7 When first applying make certain that you fill out all the forms with the information asked for and also submit your resume.

These are just a few tips to start your research on Popeye’s before your interview.

Popeye’s Interview Questions

There are some questions that might be asked by hiring manager so have some answers prepared:

  • Do you have reliable transportation to get to work everyday?
  • How can good customer service be demonstrated in fast food stores?
  • Have you ever tried our food?
  • Can you remain polite and calm when speaking with an unhappy or rude customer?
  • Do you work well on a team?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Do you have any fast food experience?
  • What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing food?
  • Do you believe that fast food chains can also sell food that is healthy?

Popeye’s Interview Process

For those applicants wanting to work at Popeye’s, they need to focus on having a successful interview process.  After the employment applicant request has been submitted, a hiring manager might call in several days to schedule an interview.  If the applicants don’t hear anything immediately you might hear when Popeye’s has a new position open up later.

If you are called about an interview, dress presentably and also arrive early. A first impression is quite important.  Popeye’s has a very straightforward and simple interview process. Questions will be asked about relevant job skills, work experience, availability and ability to work in a team setting.

Popeye’s Interview Attire

What to wear for a job interview is extremely important because it will be part of a first impression.

What to Wear

Interview attire consists of business casual dress, with guys being clean shaven and girl’s hair being in a style that is away from their face.

What to Bring to the Interview

Bring your resume to your interview also with pen and notepad as well as your driver’s license and your social security card.

Popeye’s Positions

Popeye’s normally hires for these positions: Truck driver, team leader,assistant store manager, cashier, store manager, crew member, general maintenance worker,store manager international marketing director and shift supervisor.

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