Rallys twinned with Checkers forms the country’s biggest double-header drive-thru company and a world of career opportunities in the hospitality/food service industry. Demanding ‘over the top’ customer service and satisfaction is the Rally mantra, while an ever-changing menu allows for a level of creativity seldom found in the fast food world.

Rallys Interview Tips

Rallys takes enormous pride in standing out from the crowd in terms of the quality of both its food and its staff contingency. As such, you can expect an extensive degree of selectiveness in comparison with other household names in the industry, making it essential to keep these  interview tips in mind:

Tip # 1.  This may be fast food, but applicants will get nowhere by approaching Rallys like any other ‘bargain basement’ burger joint.

Tip # 2.  Even down to the most casual of servers, Rallys demands innovation and out of the box thinking across the board – be ready to demonstrate your thoughtful nature.

Tip # 3. Become well-acquainted will Rallys products, services and stores ahead of the interview – you’ll need first-hand knowledge and be expected to demonstrate as such.

Tip # 4. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in – your very first interview might involve a couple of hours on the job at a peak hour.

Rallys Interview Questions

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a Rallys interview will be primarily food-based – but you’d be wrong.  Instead, most of the interview questions you’ll face will be almost entirely focused around customer service and a passion for people. In essence, you need to be ready to explain exactly what makes you the idea candidate for a customer-obsessed business.

  • Describe the Rallys experience?
  • Why makes Rallys successful?
  • What made you choose Rallys for your application?
  • Who is Rallys aimed at?
  • Why is Rally different from its rivals?
  • Where and how will you fit in?

Rallys Interview Process

Rallys offers an innovative application and interview process, along with alternative options for telephone and in-person applications. Most jobs are however advertised exclusively online. Depending on the position being applied for, successful candidates will usually be invited directly in for a face to face interview – telephone interviews are sometime carried out beforehand. If looking for a standard team member position, it is almost guaranteed that the interview process will include on the job experience in a busy kitchen or front of house environment. If applying for store, district or regional management, further interviews with executive panels will be carried out.

Rallys Interview Attire

What to wear counts as much with Rally as anywhere else – which is to say a lot. It is a case of conveying both your genuine respect for the position and pride in your appearance, calling for a semi-casual though largely smart outfit suitable for most standard food service interviews.

What to Wear

For team member positions go with standard trousers/skirt and shirt interview attirebe sure to add a jacket and tie if looking to bag a management post.

What to Bring to the Interview

Relevant qualification documents, proof of identity, education certificates and writing materials.

Rallys Positions

One of the biggest benefits of a career path with Rallys is the vast number of positions available. Along with standard team member position which include cashiers, servers, line cooks and creation specialists, the company also hires hundreds of shift managers, store managers, district managers and marketing executives at all levels – the list really does go on.



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