Red Lobster takes enormous pride in championing its staff, making every effort to transform jobs into rewarding and fulfilling careers. The company bills itself as the ideal choice for those looking to continually grow, learn and advance while soaking up one of the most dynamic and fun working environments in the world. Red Lobster is also at the forefront of promotion diversity within the workplace.

Red Lobster Interview Tips

Interviews with Red Lobster are generally handled in a comfortably informal manner – more akin to a conversation than the usual candidate grilling. However, this doesn’t mean that applicant should let their guard down or let these crucial interview tips slip from mind:

Tip # 1.  Be prepared to answer questions focusing primarily on customer service – your food knowledge will only be tested if applying for a kitchen role.

Tip # 2. If this is to be your first job, think carefully beforehand about what makes up an idea restaurant/dining experience – you are guaranteed to be asked this.

Tip # 3. Dine, drink and generally investigate existing Red Lobsters in your local area to find out first-hand how everything works. You will be quizzed extensively on what makes the brand so special.

Tip # 4. Bring along a few ideas for promotions or special offers – candidates are often asked for suggestions as to how they could boost business.

Red Lobster Interview Questions

There are certain standards in terms of the interview questions you can expect when applying for any restaurant job, though Red Lobster isn’t just ‘any’ restaurant. As a brand carrying an enormous reputation and image, candidates need to be ready to plead their case not only as to what makes them suitable, but why they should be chosen over their rival candidates.

  • What does the Red Lobster name mean to you?
  • What does “Team Work” mean to you?
  • How important is employee attitude?
  • What will you bring to the team?
  • What sets you apart from the crowd?

Red Lobster Interview Process

The Red Lobster interview process begins with an online application and assessment which requires at least 45 minutes to successfully complete. All job vacancies from team member positions to high-level management can be searched for online by region and subsequently applied for. In order to apply, a member account must be created. Some Red Lobsters will also accept in-person applications, though CVs are rarely taken. A first interview will be carried out by the server manager or kitchen manager depending on the position being applied for, which will be followed by a meeting with the general store manager.

Red Lobster Interview Attire

Pride of appearance is important to Red Lobster and therefore thought must be given as to what to wear in accordance with the position being applied for.

What to Wear

For team member posts in Red Lobster restaurants think standard modern interview attiresmart shirt, trousers/skirt and dress shoes. Jackets and ties are optional, though should be added if applying for a supervisory or management role.

What to Bring to the Interview

Qualification documents, proof of achievements, recognized ID and materials for note-taking.

Red Lobster Positions

The number of positions on offer at Red Lobster is truly off the scale and only begins with standard front and back of house team members. The career path at Red Lobster quickly moves on to team leader, department managers, bar supervisors, store managers, area managers, regional coordinators, marketing experts, IT engineers and countless more.




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