According to the team at Red Robin – careers never tasted so good. As a company, Red Robin prides itself on practicing integrity and honor, while at the same time championing knowledge and promoting a fun working environment. From team member to executives, the whole family is involved in every decision the company makes, from the creation of new menu items to the opening of new stores and literally everything else besides.

Red Robin Interview Tips

Red Robin bills itself as being able to deliver guest service like none of its rivals, so be prepared with these interview tips.

Tip # 1. The Red Robin experience is as much, if not more about service than the food itself – try to focus as much attention as possible on the customer.

Tip # 2. Be aware that Red Robin likes to cross train employees to a high level in order to further both their own career potential and the smooth running of the business – so keep an open mind.

Tip # 3. Nothing is more important that first-hand experience of the brand and its products, therefore don’t forget to visit a number of Red Robin restaurants and takeaways to see what happens on the front line.

Tip # 4. Red Robin always favors the outgoing, therefore try to make sure that the interview conversation is one where you do most of the talking – don’t always wait to be asked questions.

Red Robin Interview Questions

Interview questions at Red Robin will of course differ greatly in accordance with the position being applied for. However, the company’s focus on relentless customer care and satisfaction means that aside from technical details, the questions will always focus on what you can bring to the table.

  • What does the Red Robin brand stand for?
  • Why is Red Robin not like its rivals?
  • What made you apply to Red Robin?
  • Can you demonstrate your passion for people?
  • How might you handle a rude or abusive customer?

Red Robin Interview Process

The interview process for Red Robin positions first involves completion of the necessary application form online. Red Robin operates an innovative application systems whereby national vacancies at all levels can be searched and studies on a single website and applied for with ease upon setting up an account. Account holders are also invited to apply for as many positions as they desire to increase their chances. Should the application be of interest, candidates will be notified by telephone and brought in for an interview with the relevant department manager. Final interviews are then arranged with the store manager, though regional/area managers may be brought in for higher-level position interviews.

Red Robin Interview Attire

Applicants often overlook the importance of what to wear for a food service job interview, though nowhere is it more important to demonstrate excellent hygiene, good grooming and pride in appearance.

What to Wear

Team member positions both front and back of house demand smart interview attire and exceptional grooming.

What to Bring to the Interview

Qualification certificates, copy of your CV, details of references, proof of identity, writing materials.

Red Robin Positions

Red Robin is an employer that has the potential to offer incredibly rewarding positions to more people from more backgrounds than almost any other employer. From front of house servers to bar managers to back of house team leaders to line cooks to expediters to bussers to hosts to marketing executives and so many others besides, the list at Red Robin really is endless.




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