Since 1983, Sam’s Club has been providing its members great prices on thousands of items and excellent customer service.  Today there are almost 600 locations throughout the United States.  Sam’s Club employees are customer service oriented, friendly, and have a strong work ethic.  If you feel that you have these qualities, a job at Sam’s Club might be for you.

Sam’s Club Interview Tips

When you have an interview at Sam’s Club, you should prepare yourself by following the following interview tips.

Tip # 1.Familiarize yourself with how Sam’s Club does business.  Reflect on your past work experience and determine the skills you possess that would help you excel in a job at Sam’s Club.  Mention these skills when you are answering questions during the interview.

Tip # 2.Smile and make eye contact.  The hiring manager should be able to picture you as a Sam’s Club employee, so you should treat him like you would treat one of your customers.

Tip # 3.Answer all questions with honesty and clarity, and answer only what the manager asks.  Do not exaggerate past experiences to make yourself look better.

Tip # 4.When answering questions, try to highlight how your past job experience has prepared you for a position at Sam’s Club.

Tip # 5.Come up with a list of questions to ask the hiring manager during the interview.  This will demonstrate that you have taken the time to learn about the company, and are truly interested in beginning a career there.

Sam’s Club Interview Questions

The interview questions for an interview at Sam’s Club will focus on your prior work experience and customer service skills.

  • Why do you want to work at Sam’s Club?
  • Do you have any experience working with a cash register or handling money?
  • What shifts are available to work?
  • Can you think of a time where you had to get more information to answer a customer’s question?
  • If you are hired, what role do you see yourself in one year from now?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What would you do in situation that a customer needs your help but you’re in the middle of a project?

Sam’s Club Interview Process

The Sam’s Club interview process consists of a one-on-one interview, a drug test, a personality test, and a background check.  In order to be hired, the results of all of these tests must be favorable, and you must impress the hiring manager during the interview.  If you have not heard from the hiring manager within a week, it is appropriate to place a follow up call to see whether or not they are going to offer you the position or not.

Sam’s Club Interview Attire

Deciding what to wear to your Sam’s Club interview is an important part of your preparation.

What to Wear

While are not required to wear a business suit, proper interview attire is business casual.

What to Bring to the Interview

You do not have to bring anything, but you can bring a copy of your resume.

Sam’s Club Positions

Sam’s Club hires for a large variety of positions.  These include administrative assistants, advantage coordinators, cashiers, customer service representatives, development club managers, fresh market associates, loaders, maintenance technicians, human resources managers, opticians, pharmacists, pharmacy market managers, planners, store associates, truck drivers, and vision center managers.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive or all inclusive list.



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