With 75 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Steak and Shake has become a household name across carious parts of the world. Today, the company maintains its reputation for serving high quality burgers and shakes, while promoting a fun, friendly and dynamic overall experience for guests and working environment for staff.

Steak and Shake Interview Tips

Steak and Shake makes no bones about the extensive nature of its standard recruitment process, which means candidates should keep these interview tips in mind and get things right first time:

Tip # 1.  Look back to the company’s origins and be sure you know a little of Steak and Shake’s background in case quizzed during interview.

Tip # 2. Remember at all times that Steak and Shake prides itself on quality and satisfaction as opposed to the plain and simple speed of competing burger restaurants – think how you can relate to their ethos.

Tip # 3. Take the time to visit and eat at Steak and Shake prior to being interviewed in order to see things first-hand.  In addition, it is always useful to visit the company’s rivals to help highlight the key difference.

Tip # 4. Finally, keep an open mind as it is not uncommon to approach Steak and Shake for employment and ultimately be offered a different position to that being applied for.

Steak and Shake Interview Questions

Steak and shake has a total staff force of just under 8,000 employees today, which compared to some of its rivals should be considered something of a ‘select’ few. Their recruitment and interview process is known at times to be rigorous, therefore it is important to know ahead of time the kind of interview questions you might be asked – mostly centered around customer service:

  • What makes Steak and Shake Different?
  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • How would you handle an abusive or aggressive guest?
  • What has been your biggest workplace challenge to date?
  • What can you and you alone bring the team?

Steak and Shake Interview Process

All current Steak and Shake job vacancies are listed on the company’s website and can be applied to be email.  It is important that along with sending a CV, all candidates include an explanatory their brief cover letter. Successful candidates with applications of interest will be invited in for interviews – the first of which is extremely informal and friendly. Some are then immediately scheduled for an interview with the store manager, or called back in at a later date. During the selection and interview process, candidates may be asked to undergo background checks, personality tests, drug tests and a series of group exercises.

Steak and Shake Interview Attire

What to wear for an interview with Steak and Shake will depend on the position being applied for, though usually necessitates the standard getup.

What to Wear

If the interview is for a standard team member position, candidates will usually be fine with interview attire of a smart shirt/blouse, trousers and dress shoes.

What to Bring to the Interview

Relevant qualification certificates, previous employee references, clean copy of your CV, writing materials.

Steak and Shake Positions

One of the biggest benefits of a career with Steak and Shake is the sheer number of positions on offer for those looking to advance or branch out. The company currently takes on standard team members, cashiers, cooks, bussers, dishwashers, hosts, department managers, shift supervisors, expeditors, senior managers and dozens more from an endless list.


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